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2013-03-27 – ANJHHWC Meeting Minutes

Meeting Location:

  • Burlington County EcoComplex

Call To Order 

The meeting was called to order at 10:15am by JoAnn Gemenden.  Introductions of all the persons attending followed.


  • A copy of the sign-in sheet from the meeting is provided below:

SKMBT_C28014011509360Approval of Minutes: 

A motion was made to approve minutes from December 5, 2012 meeting held in Long Branch, this motions was seconded and unanimously approved.

 Treasurer’s Report

Chris Sikorski provided the treasurer report and a summary is provided.  Chris gave summary of the expenses related to the training from the previous month.  JoAnn commented that she thought the training class was really well received and the trainer was very competent.  JoAnn gave kudos to Diana Vigilante for organizing the class.   JoAnn suggested that for the future we should focus on the more difficult material in the morning so we are ready for it when we have all our energy.


Electronics Subcommittee Report:

JoAnn reported on the activities of the electronics subcommittee and she is thinking its work is almost over.  The subcommittee developed a promotional campaign and we just never got the money to implement the advertisement element of the campaign. JoAnn was seeking advice to see if people want to spend some of the ANJHWWC’s own money itself on the ads.  Guy Watson suggested not to give up on NJDEP yet and that JoAnn should try to break this log jam to get this done.  Guy provided a brief description of the issues that were preventing the matter from coming to fruition.  Reenee Casapulla reported that Samsung and LG are both seeking to provide funding for their promotional programs.  JoAnn mentioned that Diana was working on an OEM donation letter that may make sense with respect to the Samsung and LG program.  The listing of OEMS is available to on the DEPs website. Guy suggested reading the Transparent Planet report by Lauren Roman on the issue of problems associated with recycling e-waste.  Guy stated based on this report, we need to use caution when selecting firms that offer money for CRT recycling since they will have to cost money to recycle properly.  If someone is offering money for E-waste then there is a chance they are just stockpiling and not processing and recycling it.

Reenee mentioned her new vendor is looking into a new technology for handling CRTs but it isn’t up and running yet. Guy mentioned that a recent GAO report states that exports of E-waste and CRTs is way down, but finding markets remains problematic. 

Guy gave an update on the REA grant situation that he provided at the recent ANJR meeting.  He assured us that the money being taken from the REA for general fund will be reimbursed by July 2013 and we should know what we will get in July 2013.

Paintcare Program with Ed Waters

Ed Waters of the New Jersey Paint Council/Chemistry Council provided some good news with respect to the proposed Paintcare paint recycling program.  StateSenatorBeach will be introducing Paintcare bill in May.  They will be working with Assemblywoman Grace Spencer to work on the Assembly version of the bill.    They have been working with NJDEP and the administration on this legislation and to date, they haven’t gotten support or denial.  They see the retailers being a potential obstacle for them. While Home Depot and Walmart have been neutral on supporting the program, Lowes is getting a little more supportive. 

Ed has hope to get legislation adopted by the end of the year.  They are working on drafting legislation using the models of CT, OR and other states.  He is hoping there may be a regional approach to paint recycling between NY, NJ and CT.

2013 Programs and General Issues:

JoAnn is trying to compile a listing of HHW dates for 2013, so JoAnn asked for them so the website with 2013 HHW can be updated. 

JoAnn went into smoke detectors. what is the current issue with them.  Fred Stanger went over the issue and found Curie Environmental Service from New Mexico takes smoke detectors back for a fee.  For everyone’s edification, they are called smoke alarms and not detectors. They will accept smoke alarms via UPS ground up to certain levels with restrictions.  Home owner cost to mail to Curie is $8/ alarm.  They sell a Curie Pack which holds 25 alarms cost $219 for disposal.

Only ionization types of alarms, approximately 80% of those used, contain radioactive elements, the other types aren’t radioactive. For everyone’s edification, do not eat smoke alarms because that is when the radioactive element is most dangerous. 

Medication Disposal: There are now full time drop-off programs in each county.  Alain warned that the web site http://disposeofmymeds.org is hit or miss with respect to the participating agencies. Rich Baroch stated CVSs are beginning to take back non-narcotic medicines.

Nominating Committee: Dan went over nominating committee that was made up of he and Fred.  The committee received nomination for current slate of officers consisting of Larry Gindoff (Secretary), Diane Vigilante (VP), Chris Sikorski (Treasurer) and JoAnn Gemenden (President).  Daniel opened up nominations to anyone else for consideration.  He stated that if we take the re-elect the current slate this is the final year since there is a three year limit on the position except for Treasurer.  With no additional nomination being presented, a motion was made by Melinda Williams for appointment of the current slate and seconded by Reenee Casapulla, this motional was unanimously approved.

Reenee brought up the matter of getting wind breakers for ANJHHWC for members with our logo on it with potentially with sponsors logo on the jackets.  She mentioned this is done in NY.  Alain stated there maybe 501(c) issues with it, so this needs to be tabled and this point and researched before we act on it.

Adjournment – The meeting was adjourned at 11:55am.


Executive meeting:  The executive board conducted a meeting prior to the meeting of the entire membership to discuss county membership and whether to ask the full membership if they want to consider using ANJHHWC money to fund advetsements related to the E-waste promotional campaign.   The executive meeting was adjourned at 9:30am.


2012-09-25 – ANJHHWC Meeting Minutes

Meeting Location

  • John T. Dempster Fire Training Center
    350 Lawrence Station Road
    Lawrenceville, NJ08648

Attendance – A copy of the sign-in sheet from the meeting is provided below:

2012-09-25 Attendance Scan

Approval of Minutes

A motion was made to approve the meeting minutes from the previous meeting from Minutes were approved

Treasurer’s Report

Chris Sikorski provided the treasurer’s report to the ANJHHWC, which is provided below as an attached Statement of Account chart.

2012-09-25 Theasurers Report Scan

Training Sessions for Members

Diana Vigilante was provided quotes for an 8-hour refresher HHW training for the ANJHHWC.  She stated that we need to figure out who to have and where to have it, but it is likely to be somewhere in Central NJ.  We want to do it sometime in early winter before we begin our 2013 HHW events.  A motion was made to approve the J Gibbons quote in the amount of $1,300.  This motion was seconded and approved by all.  We anticipate the fee for members will be $100/person.  We will try to get registration forms this fall for the winter sessions.

E-Waste Update

ANJHHWC’s E-waste campaign is was commenced thanks to Covanta  JoAnn gave update on our ad campaign and lack of action by NJDEP, in contravention of the law requiring NJDEP to do provide an education effort to support the E-waste law.  So far NJDEP has not complied with this requirement.

When NJDEP discovered the tool kit went out to retailers, NJDEP contacted ANJHHWC and asked how the NJDEP can help.  JoAnn got an E-mail back from Vicky K. of NJDEP asking follow-up questions regarding the ANJHHWC campaign but to date, nothing else materialized.

JoAnn mentioned the ANJHHWC had a virtual subcommittee meeting a few weeks ago and that we decided we need about $10,000 for a promotional campaign if we use the battery campaign as a template.  ANJHHWC received pricing on ads, of which $5,800 would be for transit ads, covering 19 of the 21 counties with spending the rest on web ads.  JoAnn thinks this is another opportunity for manufacturers to step up and help out in the ads.  Newtech offered some support and JoAnn explained how we will try to spread the wealth and provide the promotional coverage as is appropriate for the vendors.

Regarding the tool kit mailing, JoAnn gave a summary of what happened to distribute this over the past months.  Reenee reported that a radio station up by her got the packet and transmitted the PSA over the air on several occasions.

JoAnn brought up the concept of NJ and NY teaming up on a grant application for an EPA grant on a regional basis that gets NY off the ground and gets funding for NJ.  Ken Armelino from Covanta serves on the NY Recycling Board and he brought it up with them and the “team-up” concept works, so we decided to get a committee together to work on this grant.  There is potential for $216,000 from the EPA.  JoAnn is looking for a little help on this.

JoAnn asked Guy about NJDEP action regarding our E-Waste Campaign.  Guy stated New Jersey’s procurement procedures for the NJDEP required them issue an RFP if the cost of something will be over $17,500.  He suggested that if the ANJHHWC modifies the grant proposal to be under the $17,500 and submit and scope of work to NJDEP, they maybe permitted to award us this grant as a service.  This would be after they verify the ANJHHWC’s proposal is the cheapest of at least 3 proposers.  JoAnn stated she will be sending a letter to NJDEP letting them know our intention to apply for the previously mentioned EPA grant in cooperation with NJDEP.

Producer Responsibility Issues:

JoAnn mentioned several of us participated in a paint recycling discussion at a recent Recycling Coordinators meeting and this issue is come to the front since Oregon recently implemented such a program.  JoAnn stated that even though Union County doesn’t spend money on paint management directly, they do spend time discussing proper paint management with residents that call in for information.  JoAnn liked what Oregon is doing in that drop-off sites are retail establishments.   ANJR sent out a survey last week following this meeting asking questions on each county about their paint amounts and costs.  For those that pay by car the cost and the quantity of paint management is estimated to be around 65% of the costs of HHW management.

Guy mentioned the industry is likely to sponsor legislation themselves in NJ.

Guy stated the Governor conditionally vetoed amendments to Electronic Recycling Act which had proposed to bring enforcement of E-waste regulations in line with enforcement currently performed under solid waste management act.

Procurement of Services

Reene of Sussex County brought up procurement issues she had in a recent bid that enabled her agency to not select an unqualified bidder.  She shared the language from her recent bid that enabled her to disqualify a low bidder that was determined to be unreliable.    He bid requires submission of DOT records from bidders so she could check on them and their records with respect to DOT issues.  Sussex Co. now also requires a certification of compliance or non-compliance from bidders as a means to evaluate each bidder.  Each bidder had some type of infractions, but the firm they rejected didn’t include this required certification and which provided the ability to dismiss the low bid.

Insurance and bonding are other elements that can be used to keep the bidders as reliable vendors.

Propane and Other Types Tanks

Ron Berenato of AtlanticCounty potentially found a market for a variety of cylinders from Ohio like propane, Freon, O2, etc. The problem is he is in Ohio and needs a critical mass to come here to NJ.   Ron and Fred Stanger agreed to form a subcommittee to explore this concept.  Insulation in the form of 2-part tanks are a new item showing up now as HHW.  They are a severe problem now.

County Program Updates:

  • Middlesex – No Major updates, status quo.
  •  Somerset – Cutting back in programs due to economy.  Sheriffs are taking drugs at their programs.  They recently executed a new E-waste contract with Newtech and now people can drop-off E-waste weekdays.
  •  Hudson – Small drop in participation due to no longer advertise accepting latex paint at programs, but they do still accept latex if delivered, short of that, HudsonCounty is status quo.
  •  Passaic – 3 days/year, status quo.
  •  Morris – Participation is up slightly from last year.  MorrisCounty has noticed more and more tanks for insulation coming into the programs.  Isocyanate is the foam insulation product we are all discussing.
  •  Ocean – They had 5 events in spring and 5 events in fall.  Participation is down since they have year-round paint program but the paint costs for the County are through the roof.  Ernie Kuhlwein asked members at the meeting about what they do with ammunition and firework waste.
  •  Mercer – Status quo, 3 scheduled events and 2 E-waste events.
  •  Camden – 6 one-day events and  3 E-waste events.  Car counts seem about stable, with volume going up a bit.  They current collect and spend a lot on latex paint, they are contemplating dropping the acceptance of it in next year.  They are looking to consider a permanent E-Waste drop-off site.
  •  Sussex – Their program is status quo with 2 events/year.  They have never taken latex paint at their programs.
  •  Gloucester – They dropped from 8 days to 4 days last year but numbers slowed down a bit and 4 days seems to be the appropriate level to meet the demand.  They haven’t taken latex paint since 2008 and it saved them quite a bit of money.  They did this because they want to use their hazmat money for hazardous materials and not the non-hazardous material such a latex paint.
  •  Salem – They increased events from 2 to 4 events though the overall volume hasn’t increased.  They expanded to 2 satellite events.  They do not accept latex.  One strange item that came into her program this year was expired home canned food, 7 cases of it from a person.   Salem provides E-waste recycling twice-a-week at their convenience center and participation keeps increasing.
  •  Atlantic – Status quo.

Vendor Updates:

  • Radiac – Nothing new and exciting but they are up a little in performing events in the Northeast.  They currently have 4-5 counties programs in New Jersey.  They see volumes of waste batteries declining now that alkalines aren’t coming into HHW programs.   Other batteries are a pain to deal with.  They now accepts smoke detectors for a cost of $25/detector as a special program if anyone is interested.
  •  MXI – They have been dabbling with Connecticut’s paint program
  •  Newtech – Renewed license with NJDEP recently – Manufacturers are pushing back on taking materials.  Battery management is an important issue in its certification process.

NJDEP Update

  • Ed Neiliwocki provided an updated on the release of grants to counties for the money collected as part of the Recycling Enhancement Act. He stated his office just received an email with preliminary numbers for REA program – Grant numbers are preliminary because the $5.5 million is a NJ Treasury estimate.    As soon as numbers are confirmed, they will send out spending guidelines.  Guy states the number will not go down.  Treasury stated there was $18 million in fund so the $5.5 million is and will be there.  This $5.5 million is in comparison to $5.5 million they distributed last year.

Next Meeting

Holiday Meeting – Chris was contacted by McLoones again like last year.  Chris will evaluate prices and will try to select one of their sites down the shore.  We are targeting Dec. 5, 2012.

Adjournment – The meeting was adjourned at 11:55am.


Executive meeting:  At 12:15 the executive board conducted a meeting discussed how to exchange documents and emails without having to get together. .  The executive meeting was adjourned at 12:30

2011-03-24 – ANJHHWC Meeting Minutes

Call to Order – President Ron Berenato opened the meeting at 10:10 a.m. by welcoming all to the meeting and asking everyone to introduce themselves to the group.  Everyone in attendance introduced themselves.

Professional Recycling Coordinator Recertification Credits – 2 Meeting Credits – Larry Gindoff reminded everyone that this meeting was approved as providing 2 “meeting recertification credits” for those  certified professional recycling coordinators.  Mr. Gindoff informed everyone that the attendance sheet, included below, will be forwarded to Carol Brocoli of Rutgers  so she can double check if and when members submit attending this meeting as being eligible for such credits.

Treasures Report – The treasurer’s report was provided by Chris Sikorski, ANJHHWC Treasurer.  Chris began by providing the current checking account  balance to the group. A copy of the 2011 year-to-date  checking account activity report is provided below.  Chris mentioned that ANJHHWC received membership dues from most organizations that typically participate and join in the association.  In total, the ANJHHWC has received $2,300 in membership dues this year including 4 commercial members.  Chris mentioned that the ANJHHWC appreciates the commercial memberships and that one of the privileges of being a commercial member includes free attendance at our holiday meeting at the end of each year.  A motion was made to accept the Treasurer’s Report and it was seconded and approved by all.

Approval of December 8, 2010 ANJHHWC Minutes– Mr. Berenato stated that the minutes from the previous meeting held in Long Branch were prepared by Larry Gindoff and posted on the ANJHHWC’s website (www.NJHazWaste.com).   Mr. Berenato then asked for a motion to approve the minutes.  A motion was made and seconded and approved by all present voting members.

By Law Amendment – New Membership Category – County Organization Membership – 3 Person Maximum for $125/year – Members discussed a suggested change in by laws to allow for the addition of an all inclusive county membership, which would cost $125/year and be  limited to 3 persons.  This would be in addition to current $75/county member fee with a $25 fee for additional county members.   Larry Gindoff made motion in which he would be instructed to draft language, for presentation at the next ANJHHWC meeting, that effectuates such a by law change.  This motion was seconded and approved by all.

Electronics Subcommittee – JoAnn Gemenden provided a  review of a March 3, 2011 subcommittee meeting with NJDEP representatives about working together to implement a E-waste promotional program.  As part of the new Electronics Recycling Act the NJDEP is required to implement a statewide promotional campaign.  Joann said the meeting appeared positive in that NJDEP seemed to seriously consider our suggestion to partner with ANJHHWC to promote the Act and perform outreach with respect to the mandates in the law.  To get the ball rolling with this concept NJDEP needs to first receive a proposal from ANJHHWC.  A draft of such proposal was prepared by Joann, Carole Tolmachewich and Diana Vigilante.  Joann requested a motion from the members to submit a finalized proposal for this outreach to NJDEP. The proposal and planned outreach would follow a similar approach to the one ANHHWC used to successfully to promote rechargeable battery recycling in 2010.   The proposal’s goal is to develop and implement a statewide outreach campaign.  The development of a retailer’s toolkit is one of our ideas to get the retailers inline with the  statewide promotional  campaign.  A motion was made to authorize the electronics subcommittee to forward its proposal to NJDEP on behalf of the ANJHHWC.  This motional was seconded and approved by all.  The electronics subcommittee is scheduled to meet after the meeting to finalize ideas to be in the proposal to NJDEP.

Additionally, Joann mentioned that she believes EPA has a grant for promoting environmental educational that she wants to look into on behalf of the ANJHHWC.  Those with grant money to contribute seem to like have partnerships involved in programs like the ones ANJHHWC tries to establish.  This way everyone is working toward the same goals and targets.   Regarding this,  Diana mentioned the ANJHHWC received $5,000 in the Merck grant several years ago and we only spent $1,500 of that money to date. Diana suggested the ANJHHWC use some of this grant money toward the proposed E-waste proportional effort; she suggested $1,000.  This way the NJDEP sees this promotional campaign has vested partners besides just the  NJDEP.  Joann went over the details of the draft proposal and what we are proposing, i.e. PSAs, posters, paper ads, web banners, posters, press releases, retail tool kit, digital billboards, ball parks, NJ transit ads, etc. This is similar to what ANJHHWC did with respect to batteries in 2010.  It is anticipated that we would stagger the release of the promotional items appropriately throughout the year.  Other ideas tossed about included designating an E-Waste month and looking into airplane banners to fly over the Jersey Shore.

Larry Gindoff showed blue postcards and decals used by the Morris County MUA to educate the haulers about E-waste recycling. Since members liked the items he displayed, Mr. Gindoff stated he would share them with ANJHHWC members.  Note, PDFs of the proofs for these decals and postcards are provided below for members to use.

Medicine Take-Back Programs – Discussion about promoting medicine take-back programs followed.  April 30 the DEA is doing a drop-off for medicines.  Visit DEA.gov for a listing of drop-off sites by location and by  zip code. Additionally, the American Medicine Chest will be doing a November 12, 2011 program.  JoAnn mentioned Covanta has a program for prescription medicines management at their facilities.  Covanta accepts community based levels of medicines for destruction. Ken from Covanta would be good person to get information on Covant’s program.  It was also mentioned that DisposemyMeds.org is a website that lists pharmacies that take medicines back.

Summary of County Programs – County members next provided information about their individual programs and what changes and challenges they are facing in these difficult economic times.  Regarding accepting hazardous waste from schools,  Diana informed the ANJHHWC that Somerset County accepts school waste during Siomerset County HHW events.  Gloucester County also accept school hazardous waste if they first preregister.

With respect to the overall HHW program, Gloucester County  is status quo form last year.  Gloucester has dropped to 4 HHW days per year which is their lowest level in over a decade.  Recently, Gloucester County was forced to cutback HHW programs due to budgetary reasons.  Likewise, Monmouth cut one program in 2011.

Union County is pretty much the same but Joann mentioned Union County is having issues with scavengers taking the best of the E-waste at the curbside while leaving the expensive material to manage (televisions and monitors) behind.  Camden has noticed a similar trend and in addition,  more E-waste is now being illegally dumped.  Camden suggests eliminating curbside recycling of E-waste to stop this issue. One problem is that many standard scrap yards accept E-waste and it is an issue as to whether they are even allowed to accept E-waste and that they are offering a market to such scavengers.   In Camden County they have noticed that having curbside collection of E-waste results in broken leaded glass all over the place as the scavengers ravage the E-Waste curbside while leaving behind only items they do not want.  John from Magnum Recycling stated he has seen a flip in the ratio of glass to good E-waste recyclables since the law started. it used to be a ratio of 20% glass and 80% good metal, plastic, wire, etc. and now it is 50%/50% at best due to the scavenging issue.

Ernie from Ocean County asked about what to do with boat flares.  Ocean County operates a clean marina program which generated a 55-gallon drum of boat flares.  The issue is that State Police are enforcing the rule requiring the turning in of unused flares every 3 years.  Larry Gindoff offered members access to bid specifications the MCMUA uses for Morris County garage and police hazardous waste to use for anyone that wants to go out to bid for the management of these explosive materials. Morris County’s program under this bid manages a wide variety of explosives, flammables, ammunitions, fireworks, etc. which would be similar to managing boat flares.

ANJHHWC Newsletter – Carole went over newsletter she is preparing and the results of the 2011 HHW survey conducted specifically for the newsletter.  She asked everyone to verify their specific county information before she publishes it in the newsletter.

Nominating Committee for 2011 ANJHHWC Board Elections – Daniel Napolean of Mercer County and Fred Stanger of Middlesex County made up the two-member nomination committee which was charged with providing a recommendation to the ANJHHWC on a slate of officers for consideration for ANJHHWC elections to be held during the March 24, 2011 meeting.  Daniel reported that after consideration of the names put forth, the nominating subcommittee proposed Joann Gemenden for President, Diane Vigilante for Vice President,  Larry Gindoff for Secretary and Chris Sikorski for Treasurer.  The floor was also opened up for other nominations.  There were no additional nominations from the floor.  Motion was made to accept the slate and it was seconded and all were in favor.  Members thanked Ron Berenato for the worked he did as President in 2011 in keeping the association  moving forward and growing in a positive manner.  Ron next thanked the nomination committee for their efforts.

Adjournment: A motion was made to adjourn the meeting and it was seconded and approved by all.  The meeting was adjourned at 11:50.

Executive Session – The executive committee comprised of 4 Board members met immediately after the meeting to discuss future meeting dates and locations.

E-Waste Subcommittee – The E-waste subcommittee met immediately after the meeting to discuss finalizing the proposal to NJDEP.

Audit Subcommittee – After the meeting Tom Burbridge of Morris County and Melissa Harvey of Somerset County convened the audit subcommittee to go over the ANJHHWC finances with the Treasurer, Chris Sikorski.  A certification of such financial review was signed by all three and a copy of such is provided below.

2009-11 – NJ Battery Brouchure Released

Click here to view a brochure called “Homeowners Guide to Proper Household Battery Management.”  At the end of 2009 this brochure was designed by ANJHHWC members to publicize changes in the way household batteries in and around New Jersey will be collected and managed in the near future.  Please feel free to download, print and distribute these brochures to all appropriate members of the public.  In addition, don’t forget to spread the word about Call2Recycle® as a means to recycle rechargeable batteries free of charge.

2008-03-18– ANJHHWC Meeting Minutes

Location: Anheuser-Busch in Newark (Essex County)

Call to Order – The meeting was opened by President Alain Fortier at 10:00 a.m. at Anheuser-Busch in Newark. Introductions by all followed.

Elections: Carole Tolmachewich made a motion to nominate the existing Board of Officers for an additional year. Motion was seconded and approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Chris Sikorski reported the Account balance at the time of the meeting it was $9,529.50.

March 18, 2008- ANJHHWC members pose for a picture at the Anheuser-Busch plant in Newark during a meeting / site visit.

IRS Status: President Fortier reported he is waiting to hear about the ANJHWWC appeal letter regarding 501,C.6 status filed in October 2007. Brief discussion was held regarding the Merck grant including how and when to spend the funding. At this point everything is on hold until the Association hears from the IRS. It was decided to give the IRS until June of 2008. If a favorable decision isn’t made by then, the Association will seek other avenues to accept the grant funding.

Old ANJHHWC Video: Secretary Diana Vigilante will send extra copies of the ANJHHWC video to the following counties: Camden, Atlantic, Salem, Gloucester, Union and Cumberland.

CFL Stakeholders Meeting: President Fortier gave a brief overview of the CFL stakeholders meeting held at PSE&G on March 12, 2008. The following individuals were in attendance: Nancy Wittenberg, Ralph Asplen (NJDEP), Susanna Chiu, Eric Svenson, Albert Fralinger, Cindy Mehallow, Jeanne Pieratelli, Melissa Standing (PSEG) and Alain Fortier (Monmouth), Diana Vigilante (Somerset), Chris Sikorski (Middlesex), Fred Stanger (Middlesex), JoAnn Gemenden (Union) (Association of NJ Household Hazardous Waste Coordinators).

Assistant Commissioner Nancy Wittenberg stated the NJ DEP is interested in working with retailers to develop CFL point-of-sale take-back programs. She has approached retailers such as Wal-Mart with mixed results. Ralph Asplen also mentioned there were 3 locations in New Jersey that would take back CFL’s but did not advertise this. One location was IKEA.

JoAnn Gemenden expressed concern and stated the household hazardous waste collection programs, should not be the only disposal solution for several reasons. First the way the contracts are structured, e.g. $35 / car it would not be financially a good idea. Also there are already thousands of cars participating in the collection days already and they could not handle more. In addition, the collection programs shut down over the winter months so there would not be a drop off options available to citizens.

Participants agreed that local government and county household hazardous waste programs should not bear the sole responsibility for CFL disposal and recycling. Instead, they envision a partnership between four groups: manufacturers, retailers, utilities and local government.

Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned at 11:15am.

This was followed with a tour of the Anheuser-Busch’s facility and a group lunch.