Location: Somerville, Somerset County, NJ.
Prepared by Fred Stanger (Hip-Hip double Horay for Fred!!!)



  • Rich Baroch, Bergen County
  • Mark Vangieri, Bergen County
  • Ken Atkinson*, Gloucester County
  • Nick Staniewicz, Hudson County
  • Fred Stanger*, Middlesex County
  • Laura Macpherson*, Morris County
  • Larry Gindoff,  Morris County
  • Ellie Arnould – Tomb, Passaic County
  • Diana Vigilante, Somerset County
  • John Cannata, Sussex County
  • JoAnn Gemenden, Union County
  • William Carner, Warren County

State – NJ DEP

  • Ralph Davis


  • Edith Compton, Radiac Environmental Services
  • Darren Morgan, Radiac Environmental Services
  • Mike Adelsberger, Safety Kleen/Curbside, Inc.
  • Jim Entwistle, Newtech Recycling
  • Kara Kwiatkowski, Newtech Recycling


  • Priscilla Hayes, NJ Solid Waste Policy Group, Rutgers University
  • Rich Rosfjord, NJ Technical Assistance Program / NJIT

Ken Atkinson began the meeting at approximately 10:00 a.m. with introductions.

Election of Officers

Diana Vigilante conducted the election of officers. She asked for a voice vote to re-elect the current officers. The decision was unanimous, all officers were re-elected.

Ken thanked the current officers and Diana for their support and expressed his enjoyment in working with ANJHHWC.

By-Law Changes

There was also a voice vote taken to amend the by-laws to prevent vendors who are members from voting on any issues (policy or non policy) and to prevent vendors from becoming officers. The motion passed unanimously. Although ANJHHWC values the contributions of vendors, the primary reason for the amendment was to insure that no corporate objectives would influence any ANJHHWC policy and that the by-law change was not meant to diminish the importance of memberships held by vendors.

Newtech Recycling Inc., Jim Entwistle

Newtech was established in 1995 and is privately owned and is in fact a subsidiary of a $30 million company called Village Office Supply.

Newtech resides in a 40,000 square foot facility in Bridgewater NJ and will take almost everything electronic excluding fluorescent lamps, mercury devices, microwave ovens and air conditioners. Back hauling is available and there is free pick up service within a 20 mile radius.

Disposal Process: Upon entering the demanufacturing facility, all asset tags are removed. Obsolete and damaged goods are separated from the incoming material. Approximately 35% of the material that is disposed of goes to China to ISO certified companies. Very few CRT’s go to China.

The material slated for resale goes to US and overseas markets.

Newtech also has their own patented machine designed to crush CRT’s (a dry process). The CRT’s are crushed for waste reduction purposes and shipped to recyclers.

Newtech currently services a permanent drop off facility in Morris County. Somerset County residents are able to drop off materials at Newtech on Wednesdays of each week. Costs are $5 a monitor/TV and no charge for CPU’s.

Success stories include: A one day event in Mercer County in October of 1999. A one day drop off event in Somerset County in November of 1999 yielded 32,000 pounds (3.5 truck loads, each truck being 24feet long). 40,00 flyers were sent to the schools to help advertise the event as well as newspaper and cable ads.

You can contact Newtech by calling (732) 469-9774 or by e-mail info@newtechrecycling.com

ANJHHWC Video Update

WJMK, Inc. who produces the series called American Environmental Review (AER) has been hired to produce a video on HHW. ANJHHWC has sent the payment of $14,500 to the company. Thanks to the following Counties for their contributions:

  • Morris – $3,000
  • Gloucester – $5,000
  • Passaic – $500
  • Somerset – $2,500
  • Bergen – $500
  • Monmouth – $3,000
  • Salem – $500
  • Hudson – $2,000
  • Middlesex – $2,500
  • Union – $2,000

We have been assigned a Producer/Writer, Misha Subwick. Filming will take place on May 17, 2000 in Monmouth County at the permanent facility and possibly at a residence. Meanwhile, a 2 page script will be developed. Once complete, ANJHHWC will have one week to review the script for technical content/ accuracy. ANJHHWC will also have input during the editing, to make sure the script matches the video.

Media Outreach

Ellie Arnould has spent a considerable amount of time and energy preparing preliminary education/outreach ideas. A group met during lunch after the meeting to further discuss the issue. The same group will meet again on April 26 in Union County. Anyone with ideas and/or interest are encouraged to get involved. Please contact Ellie Arnould at (973) 305-5738 or e-mail arnould@idt.net

Vendor Chat

  • Mike Adelsberger reported that Safety Kleen/Curbside Inc. has expanding the door to door program and has been taking a more active roll in bidding on NJ one day events. For more info. please contact Mike at (757) 824-0744 or madelsberger@safety-kleen.com
  • Rich Rosfjord reported that the NJIT – TAP program is still active and has been working with small generators in the area of cleaning up what is discharged down the drain. Contact Rich at (973) 596-8195 or by e-mail rosfjord@admin.njit.edu
  • Darren Morgan of Radiac Environmental Services reported that the company has increased their vehicle fleet by 20%. They have also acquired additional paint can crushing machines and added more staff. A special note, John Tekin Jr. is again celebrating fatherhood with the recent birth of his daughter. Congratulations John! You can contact Radiac by calling (718) 963-2233 or by e-mail jtekinjr@radiacenv.com
  • Priscilla Hayes reported that the Solid Waste Policy Group has had trouble scheduling school programs in Somerset and Morris County schools. Also, check out the recent update of the Policy Group web site http://aesop.rutgers.edu/~wastemgmt You can contact Priscilla by calling (732) 932-1966 x24 or e-mail hayes@aesop.rutgers.edu

NJDEP Update

Ralph Davis reported that when receiving annual reporting requirements for hazardous waste manifests, be sure to fill out form IC, and send a cover letter indicating that the waste generated was from household hazardous waste collection events. You can reach Ralph by calling (609) 292-8341 or by e-mail rdavis@dep.state.nj.us

The next (2nd Quarter) meeting is tentatively scheduled to take place in Morris County in June. This meeting will likely be a two day meeting with training scheduled on one of the days. ANJHHWC members are due for HM181/126F refresher course.

Also scheduled is the annual national, “Hazardous Materials Management Conference on Household, Small Business and Universal Wastes”, scheduled for November 12-16, 2000 to take place at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel in Boston, MA. For more info. contact either sponsor, SWANA at (301) 585-2898 or on the web at www.swana.org or NAHMMA, (302) 369-5912 or on the web at www.nahmma.org

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