The Association of New Jersey Household Hazardous Waste Coordinators (“ANJHHWC”) is a professional organization of public and private sector individuals involved in household hazardous waste (“HHW”) management and related programs in the State of New Jersey.  The individuals of the group work together to educate each other and to improve everyone’s individual programs.

ANJHHWC Officers – 2018

  • President – JoAnn Gemenden, Union County
    Tel: (908) 654-9890
  • Vice President – Steve Adams, Morris County
    Tel: (973) 631-5109
  • Treasurer – Chris Sikorski, Middlesex County
    Tel: 732-745-4170
  • Secretary – Fred Stanger, Middlesex County
    Tel: (732) 745-4170

ANJHHWC Membership2018 Membership

Select the following  2018 ANJHHWC membership form to print and/or complete to join ANJHHWC and/renew your membership.


Read the rules of order under which the Association of New Jersey Household Hazardous Waste Coordinators operates.  While there are only a few people still active in the HHW management in New Jersey from the colonial times the By-Laws were adopted, we are all indebted to the founding fathers/mothers who had the foresight to realize the need for an organization like the ANJHHWC.  Looking back at the status of HHW management when the BY-Laws were adopted, the members of ANJHHWC can be proud to be part of the progress.

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