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Minutes – January 25, 2018 Coordinators Meeting

Association of New Jersey Household Hazardous Waste Coordinators Meeting

Revere Restaurant, Trenton, NJ


ANJHHWC President JoAnn Gemenden called the meeting to order at 11:20 AM. Self-introductions followed.

Treasurer’s Report

Chris Sikorski provided the Treasurer’s report. The current balance is $23,318.07. There is a revised membership renewal form for 2018 which will be posted on the website.

Meeting Minutes

Fred Stanger asked for approval of the meeting minutes from the meetings held on April 6, 2017 and September 27, 2017. Ms. Vigilante made a motion to approve, Mr. Napoleon seconded the motion and was passed with one abstention from Ms. Gismondi for the April meeting.

Also of note, a 2018 Vendor list was circulated to the membership and feedback was requested to update as needed.

Paint Care Update

Ed Waters began by expressing his appreciation to the membership for their support last year. Unfortunately, no bills were passed during the last session. With a new Governor and a new session, efforts to reintroduce the Paint Care Bill will be forthcoming. There are plans to tweak some of the language and ANJHHWC will be kept informed of the changes.

The Senate bill will continue to be sponsored by James Beach and may potentially be adding Senator Smith as a co-sponsor. The Assembly bill will continue to be sponsored by Tim Eustice and are working on adding a co-sponsor.

There is new support for the legislation from the New Jersey Painters Union as well as the NJ Main Street Alliance, a business group that is conscious of sustainability issues. Opposition remains from the Merchants Association because the fee is not indicated as a line item on the receipt when buying paint.


ANJHHWC joined NAHMMA for 2018 as per approval by the members at the last meeting. The national conference in 2018 will be held late August in Portland Maine. Two of ANJHHWC’s officers are involved in planning committees for the national conference. ANJHHWC has asked Victoria Hodge, current NAHMMA president, to speak at the next ANJHHWC meeting.

Open Discussion

JoAnn Gemenden mentioned working with Covanta to keep mercury thermostats out of the waste stream. Covanta is offering $5.00 gift cards to Home Depot for residents that drop off a mercury thermostat.

Carrie Rovere from MXI reported on several new recycled products that MXI has been developing including recycled chalk paint, recycled latex paint and recycled latex driveway sealer.

Chris Kassmann from Reverse Logistics thanked everyone he was been working with to set up e-waste recycling programs for municipalities / counties and mentioned that the NJ DEP has not yet approved manufacturer plans for 2018.

Nominating Committee

Monica Gismondi and Brian Costantino are on the nominating committee and anyone interested in becoming a board member, please reach out to either Monica or Brian prior to the elections at the next meeting. The next meeting will take place on Wednesday March 28 in Ocean County. Save the Date and meeting agenda are forthcoming.

Up Coming Events

ANJHHWC: March 28, 2018, Ocean County Recycling Education Center, Lakewood, NJ

SWANA NJ Chapter: April 12-13, 2018, Tropicana, Atlantic City, NJ

ANJR: April 30, 2018, Annual Meeting, EcoComplex, Bordentown, NJ

NJ WasteWise Business Network: May 10, 2018, Hamilton, NJ

NAHMMA National Conference: August 27-31, 2018, Portland, ME


A motion was made by Ms. Moore to adjourn, seconded by both Mr. Napoleon and Ms. Pointin. The meeting was adjourned at 12:25.


Minutes – September 27, 2017 Coordinators Meeting

Association of New Jersey Household Hazardous Waste Coordinators Meeting

Jenkinson’s Inlet, Point Pleasant, NJ


ANJHHWC President JoAnn Gemenden called the meeting to order at 11:30 AM. Self-introductions followed.

2017 NAHMMA conference

JoAnn Gemenden reported attending the national NAHMMA (North American Hazardous Materials Management Association) conference in Clearwater, FL in August. She heard topics on e-cigarettes, medicine/sharps disposal, and smoke detector disposal services to name a few. The 2018 NAHMMA conference will be in Portland, Maine. JoAnn Gemenden and Fred Stanger are both on planning committees for the 2018 conference. JoAnn suggested that ANJHHWC join NAHMMA as a non-profit member in order for ANJHHWC members to receive discount benefits to attend the national NAHMMA next year. Diana Vigilante made a motion to join NAHMMA, Monica Gismondi seconded the motion, and the motion passed without opposition.

By-Laws Update

Various changes over the years were not incorporated into the by-laws as posted on the website. President Gemenden and Secretary Stanger met to review the current version and proposed changes and amendments as necessary. Amendments included adding page numbers, deleting the State membership category, adding Municipal to the County Associate category, and addressing meeting fees, to name a few. A motion was made by Ernie Kuhlwein, seconded by Wayne DeFeo, and the motion passed.

Paint Care Update

Ed Waters reported that the current legislature will not be meeting until after the election in November. He’s hoping to rejuvenate efforts to re-introduce Paint Care legislation after the election. Big box stores continue to be opposed to such legislation, but there are two new supporters, the Painters Union and the NJ Main Street Alliance, a business group that is conscious of sustainability issues. Sponsors for the bill include Senator James Beach and Assemblyman Tim Eustice. ANJHHWC will be updating the paint survey to report total amounts of paint collected in 2015 and 2016 to provide supporting evidence of the need for the legislation.

Treasurer’s Report

Chris Sikorski provided the Treasurer’s report. Chris reported a recent expense of $184.95 to pay for website hosting fees / domain name renewal for the next 5 years and the registration and hotel fees for the NAHMMA conference. The current balance is $22,510.67. Membership renewals will be arriving next year for 2018.

Up Coming Events

ANJHHWC – An informal gathering around the winter holidays was suggested, waiting until early 2018 for the Holiday Business Meeting.

ANJR – Oct. 18, Annual Symposium at Jumping Brook in Neptune and Nov. 4 is the 5-K race at Dukes Island Park in Somerset County.

Final Notes

A congratulatory acknowledgement was made of Chuck Giacobbe’s pending retirement at the end of 2017, with an open invitation to attend any and all future ANJHHWC meetings.

An assortment of recycling promotional items from various Counties were made available to take home.


The meeting was adjourned.

Minutes – April 6, 2017 Coordinators Meeting

Association of New Jersey Household Hazardous Waste Coordinators Meeting

Ocean County Recycling Education Center


ANJHHWC President Daniel Napoleon called the meeting to order at 11:15am. Self-introductions followed.

Approval of Minutes

A motion was made to approve the minutes from the January 12, 2017 meeting by Ron Berenato and seconded by Ernie Kuhlwein. There were no comments or changes to the minutes.  All in attendance approved the motion.


Representatives from NJDEP were invited to attend and provide an update – no one attended.

Thermostat Recycling Corporation

Danielle Myers and Ryan Kiscaden from TRC (Thermostat Recycling Corporation) provided an overview of their national collection program.  Despite ceasing the use of mercury in thermostats since 2007, there are still mercury thermostats out there.  The program is funded by thermostat manufacturers and the goal of the program is to keep mercury out of the waste stream by providing an outlet to collect and recycle all mercury containing thermostats that are replaced.  This is an industry funded non-profit program.

TRC currently works in conjunction with HVAC contractors and wholesalers to collect them nationally but are trying to expand collection via Household Hazardous Waste programs. TRC provides a collection bin and free shipment once its full.  Generally the initial fee/container is $25 but if signed up through ANJHHWC the collection bin is free.  Only thermostats are collected – no thermometers or bulk mercury.

Instead of storing old mercury thermostats or tossing them in the trash visit their website or call for participating collections sites:  Anyone wishing to request a bin should call Danielle Myers directly at 267-513-1726.

Battery Recycling

Todd Ellis explained that customers are now able to recycle single-use batteries with Call2Recycle. Additionally, your rechargeable battery recycling service will transition to a fee-based service model, effective April 1, 2017.

The transition from our “no-cost” rechargeable battery recycling offering to a fee-based service is necessary in order to ensure the long-term viability of our voluntary battery stewardship program. Ultimately, this change will lessen the burden on you, while providing more viable, cost-effective options for both rechargeable and single-use batteries. All aspects of the battery recycling program will be competitively priced to ensure that battery recycling options remain feasible for all customers.

Any of the battery boxes that are in place now at Municipal / County locations will remain free, as long as there is no change (i.e., rechargeable batteries only) but if the site decides to start accepting Primary (single use) batteries, a fee will kick in.

Todd Ellis, Director- Stewardship Programs;; Corporate headquarters: 1000 Parkwood Circle, Suite 200, Atlanta, Ga.30339

 Paint Care Update

Ed Waters stated that the bill is in the Assembly and Senate Appropriations Committees awaiting action. It made be amended to include a reporting requirement.

 Treasurer’s Report

Chris Sikorski provided the Treasurer’s report.  He reported the ANJHHWC’s account balance is currently $25,054.62.  Chris Sikorski stated 2017 memberships are coming in.  Diana Vigilante moved to accept the Treasurer’s report and Steve Adams seconded the motion. All in attendance approved the motion.

Up Coming Events:

SWANA Conference – President Napoleon stated that the annual conference will be held in Atlantic City on Thursday, April 20 and Friday, April 21 at the Tropicana Hotel.

Clean Communities Kids Day, Conference and Dinner – May24-26, 2017 at various locations in Essex County were addressed by JoAnn Gemenden.

Spring Conference – May 19 in Massachusetts, Northeast Chapter of NAHMMA at City Hall in Newburyport, MA. Fred Stanger stated he has requested approval from Middlesex County to attend.

ANJR – June 20 is the Golf Tournament in Mercer County and Nov. 4 is the 5-K race at Dukes Island Park in Somerset County.

It was suggested by President Napoleon that ANJHHWC support ANJR with the purchase of two (2) tee signs for the ANJR Golf Tournament as in previous years.  Ernie Kuhlwein made a motion to purchase  two (2) tee signs and Wayne DeFeo seconded the motion. All in attendance approved the motion.

Report by the Nominating Committee/Elections

Melissa Harvey read the proposed new slate of officers for 2017:

  • President – JoAnn Gemenden
  • Vice President – Steve Adams
  • Treasurer –Chris Sikorski
  • Secretary – Fred Stanger

A motion to approve the new slate of officers was moved by Wayne Defeo and seconded by Ron Berenato. All in attendance approved the motion.

By-Law Amendment

A proposal to amend the By-Laws to include the past President on the Executive Board for a one year period was discussed by JoAnn Gemenden. A motion to approve this amendment was made by Brian Costantino and seconded by Ernie Kulhwein. All in attendance approved the motion.


The meeting was adjourned.  Wayne DeFeo moved to adjourn the meeting and it was seconded by Steve Adams.

1996-10-01 – Nor’ Easter Can’t Stop Passaic County Hazardous Waste Event

by B. Ellie Arnould, Solid Waste Programs Coordinator, Passaic County Office of Recycling and Solid Waste Programs, October 1996.

Heavy rains, strong winds and area flooding did nothing to hold back Passaic County residents from coming to the County’s Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day Event on Saturday, October 19, 1996.

With the largest turnout to date, oil paints, thinners, pesticides, used motor oil, pool chemicals and more were dropped off at the Wayne location, even as the dangerous storm blew through the area.

B. Ellie Arnould, Solid Waste Programs Coordinator stated that, “the one day event ran very smoothly with a consistantly heavy turnout continuing all day. More than 875 cars braved the weather to drop off more than 42,000 pounds of toxic materials for proper disposal.”

The Passaic County Office of Recycling and Solid Waste Programs, in charge of the collection events, keeps careful records which showed that this year the collection day saw a 39 percent increase in the amount of bulk hazardous waste brought in.

With the public now understanding the need for safe handling and appropriate disposal of potentially dangerous products, the collection days have seen consistently increasing participation. Last year the County hosted two such events.

Rain-soaked staff and volunteers alike, which included several Municipal Coordinators, high school students and corporate professionals, knew their efforts were appreciated by residents who took the time to express their thanks during the day.

As Stephanie Slota, a 4-H Environmental Project volunteer from Wanaque stated, “I felt like I was really helping to make a difference when I saw just how many people want to do the right thing.”

Preliminary figures released by Bob Wyle, the program manager showed just how little an impact the bad weather had on public participation:

Item 10/14/95 10/19/96 % Increase
Bulk HHW 24,522 lbs. 34,180 lbs. 39%
Car Batteries 82 125 52%
Household Batteries 1,973 lbs. 4,377 lbs. 122%
Used Motor Oil 1,800 gal. 1,800 gal 0%

The program is a collaborative effort, with help from the County Road Department, Buildings and Grounds, Sheriff’s Department, Weights and Measures, Paratransit, Health Department and the Passaic County Utilities Authority.

In addition to the collection events, the Office of Recycling and Solid Waste Programs offers information on the proper handling of toxic materials, as well as information on how to choose safer, alternative products.

1996-10-01 – For Lead Prevention – A Hearty “Thank You” to UMDNJ!

By Laura Macpherson, Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority, October 1996 

Many counties have recently received recompense for promoting the proper recycling of rechargeable batteries. The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ), in conjunction with the NJDEP, designed a unique public education program to further promote the proper recycling of certain targeted rechargeable batteries – batteries that, because of their toxic content, were universally recognized as a threat to the public health and the environment if not handled and managed properly.

In exchange for assisting in the implementation of this public education and outreach program, the UMDNJ directed $4,500.00 of funding to counties that chose to participate in the project.. In return, the counties will use this grant to help administer education and outreach efforts concerning lead poisoning prevention and rechargeable battery recycling.

The UMDNJ was able to assist in furthering lead poisoning prevention by providing numerous educational tools, such as posters, flyers, television and radio public service announcements, and car registration/DMV cards.

The members of ANJHHWC issue a heartfelt “thank you” to Dr. Joan Cook Luckhardt, Director of this program, and Stacey Kenyon, Health Educator, UMDNJ, for their commitment and dedication to developing and administering this important program. You have helped us “get the lead out” of our communities.