By Laura Macpherson, Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority, October 1996 

Many counties have recently received recompense for promoting the proper recycling of rechargeable batteries. The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ), in conjunction with the NJDEP, designed a unique public education program to further promote the proper recycling of certain targeted rechargeable batteries – batteries that, because of their toxic content, were universally recognized as a threat to the public health and the environment if not handled and managed properly.

In exchange for assisting in the implementation of this public education and outreach program, the UMDNJ directed $4,500.00 of funding to counties that chose to participate in the project.. In return, the counties will use this grant to help administer education and outreach efforts concerning lead poisoning prevention and rechargeable battery recycling.

The UMDNJ was able to assist in furthering lead poisoning prevention by providing numerous educational tools, such as posters, flyers, television and radio public service announcements, and car registration/DMV cards.

The members of ANJHHWC issue a heartfelt “thank you” to Dr. Joan Cook Luckhardt, Director of this program, and Stacey Kenyon, Health Educator, UMDNJ, for their commitment and dedication to developing and administering this important program. You have helped us “get the lead out” of our communities.