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Minutes – April 6, 2017 Coordinators Meeting

Association of New Jersey Household Hazardous Waste Coordinators Meeting

Ocean County Recycling Education Center


ANJHHWC President Daniel Napoleon called the meeting to order at 11:15am. Self-introductions followed.

Approval of Minutes

A motion was made to approve the minutes from the January 12, 2017 meeting by Ron Berenato and seconded by Ernie Kuhlwein. There were no comments or changes to the minutes.  All in attendance approved the motion.


Representatives from NJDEP were invited to attend and provide an update – no one attended.

Thermostat Recycling Corporation

Danielle Myers and Ryan Kiscaden from TRC (Thermostat Recycling Corporation) provided an overview of their national collection program.  Despite ceasing the use of mercury in thermostats since 2007, there are still mercury thermostats out there.  The program is funded by thermostat manufacturers and the goal of the program is to keep mercury out of the waste stream by providing an outlet to collect and recycle all mercury containing thermostats that are replaced.  This is an industry funded non-profit program.

TRC currently works in conjunction with HVAC contractors and wholesalers to collect them nationally but are trying to expand collection via Household Hazardous Waste programs. TRC provides a collection bin and free shipment once its full.  Generally the initial fee/container is $25 but if signed up through ANJHHWC the collection bin is free.  Only thermostats are collected – no thermometers or bulk mercury.

Instead of storing old mercury thermostats or tossing them in the trash visit their website or call for participating collections sites: www.thermostat-recycle.org.  Anyone wishing to request a bin should call Danielle Myers directly at 267-513-1726.

Battery Recycling

Todd Ellis explained that customers are now able to recycle single-use batteries with Call2Recycle. Additionally, your rechargeable battery recycling service will transition to a fee-based service model, effective April 1, 2017.

The transition from our “no-cost” rechargeable battery recycling offering to a fee-based service is necessary in order to ensure the long-term viability of our voluntary battery stewardship program. Ultimately, this change will lessen the burden on you, while providing more viable, cost-effective options for both rechargeable and single-use batteries. All aspects of the battery recycling program will be competitively priced to ensure that battery recycling options remain feasible for all customers.

Any of the battery boxes that are in place now at Municipal / County locations will remain free, as long as there is no change (i.e., rechargeable batteries only) but if the site decides to start accepting Primary (single use) batteries, a fee will kick in.

Todd Ellis, Director- Stewardship Programs; tellis@call2recycle.org; Corporate headquarters: 1000 Parkwood Circle, Suite 200, Atlanta, Ga.30339

 Paint Care Update

Ed Waters stated that the bill is in the Assembly and Senate Appropriations Committees awaiting action. It made be amended to include a reporting requirement.

 Treasurer’s Report

Chris Sikorski provided the Treasurer’s report.  He reported the ANJHHWC’s account balance is currently $25,054.62.  Chris Sikorski stated 2017 memberships are coming in.  Diana Vigilante moved to accept the Treasurer’s report and Steve Adams seconded the motion. All in attendance approved the motion.

Up Coming Events:

SWANA Conference – President Napoleon stated that the annual conference will be held in Atlantic City on Thursday, April 20 and Friday, April 21 at the Tropicana Hotel.

Clean Communities Kids Day, Conference and Dinner – May24-26, 2017 at various locations in Essex County were addressed by JoAnn Gemenden.

Spring Conference – May 19 in Massachusetts, Northeast Chapter of NAHMMA at City Hall in Newburyport, MA. Fred Stanger stated he has requested approval from Middlesex County to attend.

ANJR – June 20 is the Golf Tournament in Mercer County and Nov. 4 is the 5-K race at Dukes Island Park in Somerset County.

It was suggested by President Napoleon that ANJHHWC support ANJR with the purchase of two (2) tee signs for the ANJR Golf Tournament as in previous years.  Ernie Kuhlwein made a motion to purchase  two (2) tee signs and Wayne DeFeo seconded the motion. All in attendance approved the motion.

Report by the Nominating Committee/Elections

Melissa Harvey read the proposed new slate of officers for 2017:

  • President – JoAnn Gemenden
  • Vice President – Steve Adams
  • Treasurer –Chris Sikorski
  • Secretary – Fred Stanger

A motion to approve the new slate of officers was moved by Wayne Defeo and seconded by Ron Berenato. All in attendance approved the motion.

By-Law Amendment

A proposal to amend the By-Laws to include the past President on the Executive Board for a one year period was discussed by JoAnn Gemenden. A motion to approve this amendment was made by Brian Costantino and seconded by Ernie Kulhwein. All in attendance approved the motion.


The meeting was adjourned.  Wayne DeFeo moved to adjourn the meeting and it was seconded by Steve Adams.


2014-03-19 – ANJHHWC Meeting Minutes

ANJHHWC Meeting – Eco Complex, Burlington County, NJ

March 19, 2014

Welcome and Introductions

ANJHHWC President JoAnn Gemenden called the meeting to order shortly after 10am and welcomed everyone to the meeting at the Eco Complex in Burlington County. She commented that it was good to see so many people attend the meeting and it was especially nice to see some people come back that haven’t been active with the ANJHHWC in quite some time.  JoAnn inquired as to the reason for the re-emergence of some of the old faces to the group, whether it was the E-waste issue or the potential to pass paint legislation in NJ, but there seemed to be no consensus on renewed interest.  In any case, JoAnn expressed her pleasure to see such strong participation in our meeting.

Approval of Minutes 

  • A motion was made to approve the minutes from the July 24, 2013 meeting.  There were no comments on the minutes. This motion was seconded and approved by all with no objections.
  • A motion was made to approve the minutes from the November 6, 2013 meeting.  Melinda Williams pointed out a typo in the 2nd paragraph.  Mr. Gindoff stated he would correct the typo, “meting” instead of “meeting” and if the minutes were approved, he would post them on the Association’s website, NJHazWaste.com.  In consideration of correcting the aforementioned typo, a motion to approve the minutes made and then was seconded and approved by all with no objections.

Treasure’s Report

Treasurer Chris Sikorski provided the Treasurer’s Report.  He stated for 2014, the ANJHHWC has taken in $2,300 in dues and that we haven’t yet received membership vouchers from Morris Ocean and Passaic Counties.  He also reported the ANJHHWC’s account balance is currently $19,341.30.  JoAnn reminded everyone that with membership comes one free lunch during the ANJHHWC’s holiday meeting at the end of the year.

Regarding membership, JoAnn mentioned that beginning with the next meeting, ANJHHWC will charge a non-member fee of $35 to attend a meeting.  JoAnn also discussed the issue of ANJHHWC getting a Business Registration Certificate (BRC)  in that some counties have trouble paying the ANJHHWC membership dues because the Association is not in possession of a BRC.  Chris stated he will look into how to obtain a BRC and its associated costs.

PaintCare Update

JoAnn mentioned the ANJHHWC formed a 10-person paint committee to review the proposed NJ legislation in conjunction with analyzing existing paint legislations in other states.  Tthe ANJHHWC has been working with PaintCare representatives to incorporate ANJHHWC comments and concerns in the NJ’s upcoming paint recycling bills.  JoAnn reported that final amendments to NJ’s legislation were submitted to Paint Care a week ago; she distributed copies to all attendees.

JoAnn asked Ed Waters, Director of Governmental Affairs for the NJ Chemistry Council, to provide an update on the PaintCare legislation.  He reported that both the Senate and Assembly versions of the bills were reintroduced in 2014 by Senator Beach as S.4120 and by Assemblywoman Spencer as A.1603.  Ed stated these bills were initially reintroduced without the changes contemplated and requested by the ANJHHWC, but Ed stated he would bring our proposed changes to the legislators and he would anticipate that they would amend the bills with the requested updated language in the form of committee amendments.  He didn’t expect our comments to encounter too much resistance with respect to being incorporated in final versions of the legislation.

While the bill was reintroduced, he stated trying to get these bills posted is their next effort. Ed requested ANJHHWC members work on endorsement letters regarding the legislation from both individual county members as well as one encompassing endorsement letter coming from the ANJHHWC.  Additionally, helping obtain co-sponsorship for the bills would be helpful.  Ed requested help from members in finding co-sponsors for these bills potentially by local legislators they are in contact with that serve on the appropriate committees. Ed felt this support in finding co-sponsors would help the paint legislation move along more quickly.  Ed read the list of legislators on the appropriate committees to see if anyone at ANJHHWC has any connections with any of the legislators as potential co-sponsors.

When asked about who may oppose the legislation, Ed stated he has no idea who would oppose it.  He mentioned potentially retailers may be against or neutral to the bill.  Short of that, Ed doesn’t expect too much resistance to its passing.  Ed’s group will try to line up other groups to support the bill.  Guy Watson, NJDEP, stated he envisions support from the state but without first seeing the language, he cannot say how exactly they will or will not support it.  Ed stated he would like state support directly from the Governor’s office that would make it the easiest for eventual adoption.  If passed in 2014, it will probably be another year until the program begins to get implemented.  JoAnn asked Ed to send an email to her as current ANJHHWC President asking the Association  to send a letter in support of the bill to both the Senate and Assembly.


JoAnn mentioned she recently spoke to Steve Glenwick from Electronic Recyclers International (ERI) on the telephone (646-599-3322 Steve.Glenwick@electronicsrecyclers.com).   Steve claimed ERI to be one of the market share leaders with OEMs throughout USA and he is now reaching out to NJ to offer electronics recycling services.  ERI does not have a processing facility in NJ but have an E-waste consolidation center in Saddle Brook, NJ.  JoAnn was a bit wary that ERI would reach out to a county who currently is not experiencing an E-waste management issue, as opposed to those in dire need in South Jersey.  Steve assured her that ERI was also working to assist them and actually was meeting with Cape May on that day.

JoAnn opened the discussion up to others, including vendors.  John Matorano, Jr. with Magnum Recycling stated in the past, all Magnum’s seven county customers in South Jersey had their E-waste recycled with the support of ERI and their OEMs for whom they recycle E-waste on behalf of.  John stated that in the past Magnum received financial support from ERI, but ERI dropped their level of support for Magnum and/or offered him terms that didn’t make business sense for Magnum.  John claimed the new terms from ERI would result in a contract that was not economically sustainable from Magnum’s perspective.  John did state he was able to recycle the bulk of Magnum’s stockpile with ERI under the old onerous contract, but he is now trying to get back on board with ERI to work once again with Magnum under better terms.

Much of this discussion regarding OEM support of the E-waste recycling programs was covered in a meeting dedicated to E-waste last week sponsored by ANJR.  From that recent meeting as well as previous meetings where the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) presented its positions, many members were not pleased with the CEA response to issues and problems encountered in New Jersey.  JoAnn reiterated the inaccuracy of  the drop off site lists on both CEA’s and DEP’s websites.  The claim that there is more than 600 drop off sites is greatly exaggerated as there is duplication and misinformation.  Discussion ensued about the best way to maintain an accurate list.  Guy reported that 2014 plans are coming into the DEP now and he suggested that the DEP assemble the list based on all the manufacturer plans and then forward the proposed drop-off sites lists to the ANJHHWC for review.

The matter of the list being majorly wrong is just one of the issues with the program.  CEA claims the intent of the law was for the public and private sectors to form a partnership, but the law clearly states that it is the private sector that is responsible for implementing and paying for E-waste recycling in NJ.   JoAnn maintains the preamble of the law makes a reference to the public sector to encourage OEM’s to work in conjunction with the current infrastructure when they developed their plans.

On a broader issue, Guy stated he is really concerned with R2 and/or E-stewards and the facilities they certify.  Guy is concerned that TV/monitor glass will one day be disposed of in landfills because it can be acceptable as a management option in R2’s certification if there is no other viable recycling market for the glass.  Guy is concerned about R2 proposing the acceptance of the use of glass as alternate daily landfill cover, if the glass meets TCLP thresholds so it can be classified to be non-hazardous.  This type of approval been approved in Illinois and may be in contradiction to NJ law that prohibits the landfilling of E-waste.

New Types of Electronic Car Batteries

Reenee Casapulla of Sussex County brought in a new show and tell item, a new type of large lithium battery from a car or motorized vehicle which weighs over 11 pounds.  She expressed her concern that these new types of non-recyclable lithium batteries may become an issue for HHW events in the future.  John Matorano explained there are a variety of lithium batteries types and Call-2-Recycle only will accept lithium ion batteries which this is not.  John Tekin of Radiac Reseach stated this type of car battery is unacceptable in the Call-2-Recycle program but should be disposable with household hazardous waste.  These batteries probably have no recycling value but can be accepted and disposed of as hazardous waste in small quantities.  If anyone had a large quantity of these to dispose of, it make take some research to find the best means to dispose of them, but a few batteries here and there can be appropriately lab-packed for disposal during an HHW event.

HHW Vendor Update:

John from Magnum stated that Magnum has obtained support from a manufacturer and anticipates passing the vetting process from another manufacturer in the near future.  If that comes to fruition, John feels everything will get back to normal, or at least back to the place Magnum was in before September 2013.  He is back to  working with his southern counties and municipalities.  He closed by stating he appreciates those counties that have stood with Magnum through these trying times.  John feels a “Sustainable Contract” is what is needed to make the program sustainable.

John Tekin, Radiac Research, stated Radiac has executed several contract renewals with counties in NJ as well as performing a lot of work in Long Island.  He mentioned Radiac recently began a contract to operate the permanent facility at Monmouth County.  He stated challenging waste streams like the one brought up by Reenee keep popping up and make the work interesting.

Discussion began regarding the proposed PaintCare legislation.  People discussed how a new law may impact contracting and bidding by counties as they solicit HHW work that may or may not include a variety of services regarding paint management as part of their HHW contracts.

Greg Wade of Wade Disposal stated his company been focusing primarily on universal waste stream recycling based out of their Pennsylvania facility.  They are looking to develop a permanent site in Pennsylvania to also handle E-waste.  In New Jersey, Wade continues to manage large quantities of scrap metal.

County Updates:

There were no county updates.

Medicine Management 

To close the meeting, there was mention of the April 26, 2014 National Take Back Prescription Drug Day.  In addition, it was mentioned how there are now other options for full-time drop-off of prescription medicines available in all 21 counties.  It was also stated that we are surprised and yet glad we are that this expansion drop-off opportunities for medicines occurred.

Nomination Committee of ANJHHWC for Officers

Fred Stanger presented the ANJHHWC’s Nomination Committee’s recommendation regarding the slate of officers it is recommending for election.  Fred mentioned that the bylaws only allow board members to serve in their current capacity for 3 concurrent years.  Since JoAnn, Diana and Larry have served in their position as President, Vice President and Secretary respectively for the past three years, a change is required.  Fred also mentioned the bylaws allow for Treasurer to remain longer than three years so changing of address forwarding information doesn’t have to happen as often as the board members change.

The nominating committee nominated the following slate of officers for 2014: Daniel Napoleon for President, JoAnn Gemenden for Vice President, Diana Vigilante for Secretary and Chris Sikorski to remain as Treasurer.  Fred thanked the previous board for serving and expressed his appreciation on behalf of all members.  Fred next asked if there were any other nominations from the floor for consideration and there were none.  A motion was made to consider the election of the slate of officers as proposed by the nominating committee.  This motion was seconded and approved by all without objections. Daniel thanked everyone for their support and in his first official action, he asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting.  The motion was made and seconded and approved by all without objection.


The meeting adjourned at 11:45.

2013-07-24 – ANJHHWC Meeting Minutes

Meeting Location:

  • Trenton Thunder Staium, Trenton, NJ

Call To Order:

The meeting was called to order at 10:00am by Joann Gemenden.

Approval of Minutes:

A motion was made to approve minutes from March 27, 2013 meeting held at the Burlington County Eco-Complex, this motions was seconded and unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report:

Chris Sikorski provided a Treasurer’s report.  I reported that the ANJHHWC has a balance of just over $17,000 and he provided a report on the audit of the books to the group that was done by the Tom Burbridge and Melissa Harvey.  He reported on membership by the various counties.

Dry-Cell Battery Recycling Report:

Todd Ellis of Call2Recycle provided a report on rechargeable battery recycling program that Call2Recycle operates.  He reported that collections in NJ are increasing continually which is great and we have big increases in the tonnages being recycled.  The retail sector experienced the biggest increase and the biggest decrease was in the public sector.  This is good as all the publicity has help to sustain this program and to move the management of these batteries from the government sector to private sector retail outlets.  Joann thanks Call2Recycle for implementing such a comprehensive and convenient system for the collection and recycling of these batteries.  Reenee Casapulla stated she has had problems getting reporting on batteries and E-waste from Staples even though they do accept and recycle these materials.  Todd mentioned that he could provide battery recycling numbers from Staples themselves to us and he could reach out to get Staples to report better on all their recycling.  As far as chemistry, small seal- lead acid batteries have had the biggest increase and Lithium showed the biggest drop-off.  A lot of this switch is due to the fact that the lithiums are often sealed within devices.  Joann reported that Verizon’s FIOS service is changing out all their UPS batteries and leaving the discarded batteries with residents to recycle and we need to get Verizon to recycle them directly as opposed to leaving them for residents to bring to their respective HHW programs.

E-Waste Recycling:

Guy Watson reported on E-Waste in NJ.  He stated there are some issues with E-waste these days so Guy is going to report on it as his office recently surveyed everyone on their programs.  Guy stated that things changed dramatically in some areas of the state in that residents are calling NJDEP and complaining that firms aren’t recycling E-waste for free anymore and recyclers are now charging since they are being charged for CRTs without being reimbursed for accepting material from manufacturers.  Companies reaching obligations started not accepting materials anymore by May of the year.  Guy is concerned about reaching obligations by May when NJ has established very high obligation levels.  Joann suggested a statewide stakeholders meeting on this matter because public sector bailed out manufactures and their obligations to manage these materials on their own.  We need manufactures to appreciate the fact that the public sector helped them out establishing e-waste programs in NJ in accordance with the E-waste recycling law.  Larry Gindoff reported on MorrisCounty’s situation where a local scrap yard, Don-Jon, that handled many municipal-waste recycling programs withdrew from providing service without much warning.  Guy stated he thinks and audit of facilities and programs is in order.  In Camden, the fact that they are inundated with scraps yards leads it to being the wild west of E-waste.  People are recommending Camden stop all curbside collection to help the scavenging problem.

Paint Program Update from Ed Waters:

Joann welcomed Ed Waters to the 3rd straight meeting.  Ed reported that NJ SenatorBeach is their sponsor of the legislation.  They had work through concerns with the model legislation with respect to the need to attach fining mechanism in the bid.  With Paint Care being a private entity and prices being set by private business, the legislation had to make sure there were no anti-trust issues which would need to get resolved.

Universal Waste Recycling:

Emilia Puro from National Bulb described their bulb pickup service which they do on demand from municipalities.  Their office is in South Jersey but their recycling facility is in Elizabeth.  They provide boxes and transport included in the price of recycling bulbs.

Joann discussed thermostat recycling programs and her conversation with Scott Cassell of Product Stewardship Council.  The Thermostat Recycling Corp. runs a manufactures program in several states.  It is available to all HHW programs for a small fee.  They send is a green bin with a liner in it they can mail it back to manufacturers, there is a one-time fee of $25 for the box, but that is to cover the box.  The program is old and a bit stagnant but it may make sense for us.  Joann will reach out to them if this makes sense.Joann suggested we all go to TRC website and survey the facilities that accept thermostats in each county.

Medicine Disposal:

It was reported that medication disposal is expanding into each county with part of Operation Take Back.


The meeting was adjourned at 12:00 noon.

trenton thunder

2011-08-25 – ANJHHWC Newsletter for 2011

The 2011 edition of The Household Hazardous Waste Coordinator Newsletter, ANJHHWC’s official newsletter, has been available for a few months now and is finally making it to the web.

Inside this edition you will find articles regarding:

  • ANJHHWC’s successful partnership with Call2Recycle promoting rechargeable battery recycling resulting in achieving the goal of at least a 15% increase in rechargeable battery recycling in New Jersey in 2010. Rechargeable battery recycling went up 22.5% in 2010.
  • There is also a list of NJ County HHW contacts and program information.
  • Finally, the state’s 2011 schedule of planned HHW events is provided. At least no events are scheduled for the weekend hurricane Irene is scheduled to hit NJ.That was good planning on behalf of New Jersey’s HHW coordinators. Good job people.

2010-12-08 – ANJHHWC Meeting Minutes

Call to Order – President Ron Berenato opened the meeting at 10:35 a.m. by welcoming all to the meeting and asking every one to introduce themselves to the group

Approval of September 29, 2010 ANJHHWC Minutes– Mr. Berenato stated that the minutes from the previous meeting held at the Middlesex County Fire Training Academy were prepared by Larry Gindoff and posted on the ANJHHWC’s website (www.NJHazWaste.com).   Mr. Berenato then asked for a motion to approve the minutes.  A motion was made and seconded and approved by all present voting members.

Treasures Report – The treasurer’s report was provided by Chris Sikorski, ANJHHWC Treasurer, and he handed out a sheet summarizing his report.  Chris mentioned that membership for 2010 has expanded and included almost every county. Additionally, corporate membership expanded and a Chris gave a special thank you to Covanta for its financial contribution to the ANJHHWC in support of the “If It’s Rechargeable, It’s Recyclable” educational and promotional campaign.

Chris stated that an internal audit was done on the ANJHHWC’s 2009 finances by Tom Burbridge and Melissa Harvey and the audit was acceptable and a form noting such will be was executed by Tom and Melissa. Click the 2009 Financial and Audit Certification to view this executed certification.  Diana Vigilante made a motion to accept treasurer report, this motion was seconded and all members agreed to the acceptance of the treasurer’s report.

Larry Gindoff mentioned the ANJHHWC needs to assemble nominating committee for making a recommendation regarding board elections for consideration at the spring meeting.

Battery Recycling – Todd Ellis from Call2Recycle.org gave a report on the battery program.  First he stated how he and his company appreciate all the work of the ANJHHWC battery subcommittee.  Todd mentioned our 2010 goal was to increase the recycling of rechargeable by 15% and we are on target to reach that goal by the end of the year. Call2Recycle.org has a special URL for New Jersey people to sign up for these battery recycling boxes.  This URL is http://Call2Recycle.org/nj. Larry also mentioned the MCMUA recognized the efforts of RBRC at its annual recycling awards dinner in November.  RBRC will provide recycling tonnage as they tabulate them in order to see how we are progressing.

Electronics Recycling Act – Guy Watson, NJDEP, mentioned that the NJDEP sent out letters to all haulers they had on their list informing them of the Act and the disposal ban on covered electronics.  Someone asked if a surcharge may be assessed at disposal facilities to handle the management of illegally disposed electronics.  Guy answered “yes” and that this administrative cost could also act as a deterrent.  Prior to instituting any such cost, a disposal facility should notify NJDEP.
Letters will soon go out to disposal facilities and letters are being mailed to manufacturers that haven’t submitted their plans as required by the Act.  Guy mentioned that plans representing 84% of televisions sold in NJ and 91% of the other covered electronics have submitted plans. While the plans submitted to the NJDEP represent a large portion of the electronics sold there are large numbers of manufacturers identified that haven’t submitted plan and without the plan the law allows their products to be banned from sale in NJ until adequate recycling plans are submitted and approved.

Guy stated most of the plans submitted are good but most have deficiencies of some sort.  There is at least one collection site per county so that is an accomplishment as far as state-wide coverage goes.  Samsung, which is the largest TV manufacturer, submitted a plan but it is very deficient and NJDEP is reaching out to them to improve it.

With respect to the rules NJDEP is promulgating in conjunction with the Act, 40 comments have been submitted and some changes will be made.  Issues related to getting letters from out-of state facilities regarding permits and compliance will be updated to take into account different state’s approval processes.  Additional certifications will likely be acceptable besides BAN and R2 if they materialize and warrant approval.  The certifications were asked about and the difference between a pledge to comply with BAN vs. approved as part of BAN is different.  It’s expensive to get endorsed by BASIL vs. R2.

The proposed credit system is likely to be modified to allow flexibility in quantities of E-waste  managed from year to year.  Enforcement language will be updated to make it more consistent with the way other solid waste matters are enforced.  Finally, if the industry or the U.S. Congress develop a program that can replace NJ’s E-waste system, the change in rules will allow our system to work under the newly developed nation-wide program.  NJDEP doesn’t anticipate Congress to act anytime soon but it is more likely that the industry may develop one a nation-wide program.

With respect to the current list of covered electronic devices in the Act, there is a current bill to expand covered electronics and there is potential to expand the list in the future if such a bill is passed.
The NJDEP’s public outreach number will be 1-800-WARNNJDEP and their Web site will be www.RecycleNJ.org as the place for people to get information.  Please note that after the meeting NJDEP changed the phone number to be: 1-866-DEPKNOW.

It was suggested that last year’s battery subcommittee of the ANJHHWC redevelop and define itself as an E-waste subcommittee and work with the NJDEP and potentially get to use their funding for promotions to educate the public on this matter.

Finally, Mr. Watson stated that consumers are defined in the Act as residents and businesses with 50 people or less.  Small businesses are covered by the act but schools are not.

County Updates:

  • Atlantic – Not doing anything with respect to physically managing E-waste, letting the manufacturers handle it in the Atlantic County without any participation by the ACUA.
  • Bergen will continue as they have been running.  Will go over with towns but encourage towns to sign up with vendors themselves.
  • Camden – Keep status quo with what they are doing but a few more towns are coming on board so they see that expanding a bit.
  • Burlington – On going program will continue.  They will promote retail options (Best Buys and Good Will) About 1/3 of towns are setting up programs in their towns and they anticipate that to be 50% in future.
  • Hudson – AERC -CCR 8-9 towns should have containers in their yards for the end of the year.  Hudson County will manage both covered and uncovered materials and they will continue accepting E-waste as they have done in the past.
  • Mercer – Hold 5 events 3 with HHW and 2 with E-waste only, handful of municipalities do it themselves.
  • Middlesex – Plan to continue as it has been running.  Went out to bid and expect to award contract to Sims for drop-off facility in Middlesex County.  Twenty towns of the 25 consolidate electronics and will deliver roll-off to Sims.
  • Monmouth – HHW continuing as 2 single-day events with permanent facility to handle materials.  Electronics dropped off at reclamation center managed by Planning Board and expect boxes to be spread out at municipal depots to be managed by a contractor.
  • Morris – Will continue its program of permanent facility and one-day event.  MCMUA will stop charging consumers but charge businesses.  About 15 towns now have E-waste acceptable at their recycling depots.
  • Passaic – About half the towns have programs in place and several more will be added. County program will be expanded to include more 1-day events.
  • Somerset – Holding 6 HHW days/year and collects E-waste first Saturday of month at recycling center but drop-off will be allowed at Newtech.  They don’t handle businesses.  3 towns currently collect E-waste at their depots.
  • Salem – Been running E-Waste program since 2002 and they charge $0.06/pound for E-waste and will continue to do so in the future at their landfill.  They have no retail outlets for this material in the Salem County.  HHW programs will continue on the same 2 Saturdays as has been done in the past. Salem holds shredding events also which cost $800/ 3 hours of service.
  • Union – Continuing one-day events and expanded to 5-day a week drop off at Newtech.  One town in the Union County has a drop-off now.  It is likely that approximately 11 towns will soon accept trailers for municipal drop-off of E-waste.

Commercial Members Update

  • MXI mentioned the wide variety of programs MXI now runs in NJ how they are expanding some programs and pickup projects.
  • Clean Venture – mentioned they have a couple of contracts around New Jersey at this time but are available to also serve clean up matters as they may pop-up during the year.
  • WeRecycle – NY based company has relationship with manufacturers; they are working to update their businesses model to serve other recyclers as their end market for E-waste.
  • Newtech – They now have a partnership with MRM and contracts with Somerset and Union to handle their materials.
  • MRM – They have submitted 60 collection locations to NJDEP as part of their NJ collection program and MRM represent about 20 manufacturers.  Happy with the start they have gotten so far and look forward improving the program in the future.

A motion was made to thank the commercial vendors who are ANJHHWC members and to allow such commercial vendors to come to ANJHHWC meetings at no charge.  This motion was seconded and approved by all.

Adjournment – A motion was made to adjourn the meeting which was seconded and approved by all. The meeting was adjourned at 12:05 p.m.

Executive Meeting – Following the regular meeting the ANJHHWC Board conducted an executive meeting where it discussed coordinating spring meeting and establishing nominating committee for Board elections to take place at the first meeting of 2011.