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Below are two YouTube clips of an educational video the ANJHHWC sponsored and created in May 2000 promoting the proper management of household hazardous wastes.  The top video is the full version while the second video below it cuts right to the chase and omits the long generic opening segment.


WJMK, Inc. produced a series called American Environmental Review and produced the this video as part of this series with the ANJHHWC at a cost of $14,500. The ANJHHWC recognizes the following New Jersey counties for their monetary contributions toward the development of this video:

  • Bergen – $500
  • Gloucester – $5,000
  • Hudson – $2,000
  • Middlesex – $2,500
  • Monmouth – $3,000
  • Morris – $3,000
  • Passaic – $500
  • Salem – $500
  • Somerset – $2,500
  • Union – $2,000

The video was recorded at the Monmouth County permanent HHW facility and on location at a residence using a 2-page script developed by the ANJHHWC with the producers. The ANJHHWC also had input during the editing, to make sure the script matches the video.  Staring in the videos are two former ANJHHWC presidents, Alain Fortier from Monmouth County and Kenneth Atkinson from Gloucester County.  Morley Safer, from 60 Minutes, is also in the video and narrating the entire video.