Many New Jersey counties have been collecting household batteries for recycling and proper disposal since the early 1990s. Due to regulatory changes and less hazardous battery compositions, collection practices may change.  This page provides an area for ANJHHWC to track issues, resources and discussions related to the changes in dry-cell battery management that occurred at the beginning of 2010.

New Jersey County Hazardous Waste Websites and New Battery Recycling Information Posted

Battery Management Public Service Announcements (Audio) – Below are two public service announcements (PSA), 26 and 55 seconds in length, producded by the ANJHHWC in 2010 promoting the Call2Recycle rechargeable battery recycling program.  Feel free to save these PSAs and to get them broadcast in New Jersey.

Battery Management Documents

Press Stories Regarding Battery Management

RBRC Grant –In November 2009 the RBRC provided a $15,000 grant to the ANJHHWC to promote its rechargeable battery recycling  program.   The goals of the “Rechargeables are Recyclable” grant program are to:

  • Implement a sustainable and successful rechargeable battery recycling program in New Jersey in conjunction with Call2Recycle®.
  • Educate 8.6 million New Jersey residents using a broad based mixed media outreach campaign about rechargeable battery recycling and its positive affect on our landfill, water quality and health.
  • Divert rechargeable battery waste from landfills and waste-to-energy facilities and to prevent pollution.
  • Educate the public on how to keep disposable or used alkaline batteries out of the Call2Recycle® rechargeable battery program.

Above is a copy of a Newark Star Ledger ad that ran on April 21, 2010. This ad was also running in the Atlantic City Press and Courier News on this day and will also run in all 3 papers on April 23, 2010.

2010-08-03 – Battery Posters at Train Stations – This PDF shows pictures at 3 different NJ Transit train stations on August 3, 2010 promoting the “If It’s Rechargeable, It’s Recyclable” battery campaign.  Below is the photo from Princeton Junction train station.

Web Ads on – ANJHHWC established two week web banner ad campaign from September 13-27th which was in all news sections in each county on There were 250,000 web impressions during those two weeks and when people clicked on the banner they were directed to the RBRC website.

Screenshots of web banner ads run on

RBRC Collection Tally – The year 2010 goal based on implementation of the grant program is to increase the rechargeable battery recycling tonages handled by the RBRC from New Jersey by 15% in comparison to 2009 figures.  Our 2010 target was to hit 105K pounds and we hit 111K pounds!!!  We exceeded the 15% targeted increase.  See the chart below for more information.


15% Increase
2010 Goal
2009 to 2010
Jan 10,159 7,288 11,682.85 (4,394.85)
Feb 6,760 6,222 7,774.00 (1,552.00)
Mar 5,639 8,297 6,484.85 1,812.15
Apr 5,168 7,766 5,943.20 1,822.80
May 4,822 7,597 5,545.30 2,051.70
Jun 6,533 9,529 7,509.50 2,996.00
Jul 5,775 12,618 6,641.25 6,843.00
Aug 6,466 8,608 7,435.90 2,142.00
Sep 8,093 10,049 9,306.92 1,956.00
Oct 17,888 10,870 20,571 (9,701)
Nov 6,292 11,689 7,236 4,453
Dec 7,742 11,374 8,903 2,471
Totals 91,334 111,907 105,034 6,873