Location: Atlantic County Wastewater Treatment Complex, home of the windmills!

Call to Order – The meeting was opened by President Diana Vigilante at 10:15 a.m. at the Atlantic County Wastewater Treatment Complex, home of the windmills!

Diana Vigilante reported that DOT Training, which is required every three (3) years, has been set up for Wednesday, February 28th at the Middlesex County Fire Academy .  An instructor from UMDNJ will be providing the training and there is a limit of 25 students.  Cost is $100 per person.  Contact Carole Tolmachewich from Middlesex County for registration information.

A discussion was held regarding our upcoming Holiday Meeting/Luncheon.  Alan Fortier from Monmouth County offered to contact Supreme Recycling to see if they would provide a facility tour for our December meeting.  [Holiday meeting was planned for December 6th in Ocean County with a luncheon at Charlie Browns with a tour of Supreme to follow].

Nomination Committee

Terms for all current officers expire at year end so a nomination committee is needed for 2007.   Fred Stanger volunteered to head committee and Melinda Williams will assist.


Fred Stanger from Middlesex County asked if other counties were having issues with flares (especially boat flares).  These are not accepted by vendors at Household Hazardous Waste Days.  Vincent Mroz, Operations Manager for Clean Harbors Environmental Services, explained that boat flares are explosive and shipping them with other waste is a major concern.

Ron Berenato said that Dennis DeMatte said that he thought marinas may need to accept them back.  Melinda Williams suggested we reach out to a manufacturer.  Fred offered to call.

All Household Hazardous Waste bids for Clean Harbors should be sent to:

Vincent Mroz
2858 Route 322
P.O. Box 337
Bridgeport , NJ 08014
(856) 467-7443)

County Updates

  • Hudson County reported that Panasonic and Sony worked with the County and paid for all their electronics recycling.  Best Buy donated 300 $10 gift cards for the first 300 customers in line!!
  • Other counties provided updates on HHW events, electronics, thermometer exchanges, etc.

Wastewater Treatment Facility

Speaker: President of the Atlantic County Wastewater Treatment Facility Richard Dovey provided an overview of Atlantic County ’s Green Energy initiatives.

The Wind Farm Project fully came on line in July of 2006.  The project was bid in February of 2005 so there was a quick turn around time from start to finish.  This is the second largest windmill in NJ and 60% of project was rebated from BPU.  Remaining funds were borrowed from NJ Environmental Trust at a 1% interest rate!  Maintenance on solar farm is close to nil.  Life expectancy of windmills is about 10 years.  They are saving about $35,000 in electricity at facility.  ACAU owns it and bids out “green” credits.  Currently selling for $220 per credit.

Atlantic City Waste Treatment Facility has largest biodiesel fuel fleet in the state.  They currently have 120 vehicles that run on biodiesel (B20).  State contract vendor is in Woodruff.  Biodiesel is slightly more expensive than diesel but has less pollution.  They have also purchased several hybrid vehicles – the BPU is offsetting costs through rebates  for each vehicle purchased.  GM’s Silverado is on state contract.


Meeting was adjourned at 12:15 pm. for a quick lunch before the tour of the facility.  Everyone joined Diana Vigilante in thanking Ron Berenato from the ACUA for providing lunch and being such a gracious host.