Location: Somerville, Somerset County , NJ
Prepared by Ken Atkinson


  • Arthur Pierfy, Florham Park Board of Ed.
  • Bob Wyble,Passaic County
  • JoAnn Gemenden, Union County
  • John Cannata, Sussex County
  • Jack Sworaski, Camden County
  • Ken Atkinson, Gloucester County
  • Diana Vigilante, Somerset County
  • John V. Tekin Jr., Radiac Research Corp.
  • William Carner, Warren County
  • Laura Macpherson, Morris County
  • Alain Fortier, Monmouth County
  • Greg Hulse, Monmouth County
  • John Shevlin, NJ DEP – DSHW
  • Deborah Levine, AERC/MTI
  • James Witte, Focus Recycling Systems
  • Marian Swiontkowski, Union County
  • Carole Tolmachewich,Middlesex County
  • Fred Stanger, Middles ex County
  • B. Ellie Arnould, Passaic County
  • Mark Vangieri, Bergen County
  • Larry Gindoff, Morris County
  • Ralph Davis, NJ DEP
  • John Skoviak, NJ DEP -Enforcement
  • Jeff Sterling, NJ DEP – Enforcement
  • John Barry, NJ DEP – Enforcement

The meeting was called to order by Fred Stanger at 9:55 a.m.

Introductions followed.

Review of By-Law changes prior to voice vote. Changes include following:

  • The board can decide whether an issue is policy or non-policy.
  • Applications for membership no longer require a committee review. Once dues are paid to the Treasurer, membership is good for the calendar year.
  • Election of officers are now elected by voice vote at the annual meeting unless there is more than one person seeking a position, in which case it will be a ballot vote. Those not attending the meeting may vote via ballot and the ballots must be provided to all members at least one week before the annual meeting.
  • In the event of a vacancy of any Board Member, the Board may elect a full member to the unexpired term.
  • State Membership dues have been reduced to $75 or in-kind services as determined by the Board
    By-Law changes were passed by a show of hands vote.

Conference Planning

Diana Vigilante, Laura Macpherson, Alain Fortier and Ken Atkinson volunteered to be on the Conference Planning Committee to plan the next meeting/conference.

Election of Officers

Diana Vigilante gave the Nominating Committee report. The ballet of officers consisted of Ken Atkinson for President, Laura Macpherson for Vice President, Carole Tolmachewich for Treasurer and Fred Stanger for Secretary. There were 2 ballots received and a show of hands vote elected the slate of new officers. Congratulations! and thanks to those who are no longer on the Board for your energy and support.

Electronics DemanufacturingDave Zimet, HESSTECH, LLC

Dave Zimet represented a demanufacturing company called HESSTECH, LLC and spoke regarding the topic of demanufacturing. Dave brought in a display board with examples of the components found in computers.

HESSTECH provides both demanufacturing and acid management primarily for large corporations for the objective of removing the liability associated with discarding hazardous products.

The components that are collected as a result of demanufacturing are metals, circuit boards and mother boards which can contain gold, disk and floppy drives which can contain aluminum, batteries (Ni-Cd’s, alkaline, etc.), and CRT’s (cathode ray tubes).

CRT’s are either monochrome or color. The monochrome CRT’s are made of one piece of glass, which contains between 2%-3% of lead. The color monitors (CRT’s) are made up of 3 pieces of glass, the face plate which has little lead, the funnel tube which contains about 28% lead and the part that bonds the 2 pieces together, called the ceramic Fritz solder, which can contain between 85% of lead.

Faceplate glass can be re-used, but only after cleaned of any phosphor coatings. It can then be crushed and re-used. The other components can be mixed together and be used as a fluxing agent.

Other hazardous components found in items slated for demanufacturing are mercury switches (i.e. found in irons), fluorescent light bulbs, and capacitors which may contain PCB’s.

How to initiate demanufacturing:

Mandate that service companies must send non repairable material to certified demanufacturing facility. Stress to corporations the potential liability through serial number tracking. Start a municipal collection by defining what you are collecting, keeping the material dry and source separate.

NJDEP Issues

Ralph Davis: DEP now has HHW information on the web site including the HHW coordinators. Ralph continues to stress the use of manifests when shipping HHW. Ralph suggested doing a survey of who is using manifests as an article topic for the next newsletter.

(editors note, when you use a NJ Haz waste manifest, but list the waste as non-haz, Ferdinand Scaccetti doesn’t want copies!)

John Shevlin: The proposal to add items to the Universal Waste Rule will be in May of 99 with a projected adoption date of Sept. of 99.  If you treat hazardous waste, you need a permit! The only demanufacturing facilities that have approvals are Newtech Recycling Company Inc. in Roselle and HESSTECH in Sayreville.

DEP Inspectors: Jack Skoviak: The reason to have inspectors visit the HHW events is to ensure that the waste entering the collection day is coming from household or exempt sources.  The DEP inspectors brought volumes of reports from hazardous waste generators for each county. The remainder of the meeting focused on separating and distributing these reports.

County Updates

Two changes in County programs were reported. Bergen county will hold only 2 HHW days, but 4 paint only days. Camden will hold only 4 paint only days, down from 5 the previous year.

Adjournment – Meeting adjourned at approximately 1:00 pm.


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Good site. Me very much has liked.

Name: David Zimet
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Hello Arthur or whoever reads this: The ANJHHWC web site looks great! My only comment is that at the Meeting Minutes page the 2nd paragraph below the section Electronics Demanufacturing should be corrected. “acid management” should be changed to “asset management.” Otherwise the site is very clear and easy to navigate. Hope things are going well. We should be moving into a larger facility soon. I’ll keep you posted. Best regards, Dave