2007-04 – Newletter is Issued

Click here to read the 2007 issue of the ANJHHWC’s newsletter, Volume XII, Ussue No. 1.   Stories in this newsletter include: 
  • A spotlight on Middlesex County’s HHW program
  • Bergen County’s new school lab program
  • Summary info on all New Jersey HHW programs
  • 2007 Schedule of New […]
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2005-09-28 – ANJHHWC Meeting Minutes

Location: Monmouth County Landfill, Tinton Falls, NJ

 Meeting was opened by Alain Fortier from Monmouth County. 

ANJHHWC President Diana Vigilante thanked Monmouth County for being a gracious host.  Diana had everyone introduce themselves, as there were some new faces in the crowd. 

Guest Speaker

Mark Vangieri, Bergen County Utilities Authority, provided an overview of Bergen County’s upcoming […]

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