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2015-09-24 Meeting Minutes

Association of New Jersey Household Hazardous Waste Coordinators Meeting
September 24, 2015
Mercer County Boathouse Marina – 10:00am

Welcome and Introductions

ANJHHWC President Daniel Napoleon called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone.  Meeting began with self-introductions.

A motion was made to approve the minutes from September 24, 2014 meeting.  Minutes were approved by Ron Berenato and seconded by Fred Stanger.  There were no comments on the minutes. 

Treasurer’s report

Chris Sikorski provided the Treasurer’s report.  He reported the ANJHHWC’s account balance is currently $22,448.29.  Chris stated the association purchased two (2) tee signs for the golf outing in June.  Diana Vigilante moved to accept the report and Monica Gismondi seconded the motion.

Reenee Casapulla, Sussex – Report on Single Use Propane Cylinders

Reenee mentioned she was in attendance at a Webinar in California pertaining to single use propane cylinders.  She stated the webinar was highly attended by lots of agencies throughout the country.  The main focus on this webinar was to promote refillable cylinders and to work more closely with the manufacturers.  Reenee circulated information pertaining to the dangers/hazards of these cylinders being disposed of in curbside collections in California.

NJDEP and E-Waste Update

Guy Watson from NJDEP was not in attendance.

Diana Vigilante spoke with Ed Nieliwocki from NJDEP.  Ed provided information for Diana to relay back to the association regarding REA Funding.  DEP & Treasury had a meeting last week and the total amount to be tossed around is between 21- 24 million dollars. This pays for REA grants, recycling tonnage grants, some salaries and Rutgers courses.  Diana reported that DEP hopes to get the guidelines and allocations out to counties by December.  These allocations will be based on the 2013 solid waste generation numbers. Diana reminded attendees that counties received 2014 guidelines on December 17, 2014.


Daniel Napoleon stated Sen. Smith wants to move on with revisions of the e-waste bill this fall.  The NJ DEP has been a part of the final recommendation phase, of which should include suggestions from ANJHHWC (and others) most of which we have supported throughout the process.

Dan has been invited to meet with Guy and his reps as early as the first week of October and will report back any new updates.

Dan also mentioned that Jane Herndon left the DEP and her position of Assistant Commissioner will not be filled as part of the reorganization.

Paint Care Update

Ed Waters, Director of Government Affairs, Chemistry Council of NJ stated that Paint Care went through the Senate but not the full Assembly.  Due to concerns about this being a “tax”, parties are waiting until after the election to try to get the bill passed and on to the Governor for signature.  He mentioned that the paint contractors are in full support of this bill but the Retail Association is still opposed to having to pay the tax up front and not at point of sale.

Gary Sondermeyer speaking on Maximizing Your Waste Management Actions

Gary Sondermeyer was not in attendance due to the arrival of his grandbaby.  His presentation will be postponed to a future meeting.

President Daniel Napoleon announced several upcoming events:

  • Operation Take Back – September 26, 2015
  • Roundtable meeting – December 14, 2015, Revere Ristorante Italiano
  • ANJHHWC Holiday meeting moved to January (dateTBD)
  • DOT Hazardous Materials Transportation Training – February 23, 2016
  • SWANA Conference – April 11 & 12, 2016

A motion was made by Larry Gindoff and seconded by Ron Berenato to keep the DOT Hazardous Materials Transportation Training fee the same, $100 per person with lunch includedMercer County and to limit the attendance to two (2) people to attend for businesses.


The meeting was adjourned at 12:00pm.  It was motioned by Chuck Giacobbe and seconded by Ron Berenato.


2012-09-25 – ANJHHWC Meeting Minutes

Meeting Location

  • John T. Dempster Fire Training Center
    350 Lawrence Station Road
    Lawrenceville, NJ08648

Attendance – A copy of the sign-in sheet from the meeting is provided below:

2012-09-25 Attendance Scan

Approval of Minutes

A motion was made to approve the meeting minutes from the previous meeting from Minutes were approved

Treasurer’s Report

Chris Sikorski provided the treasurer’s report to the ANJHHWC, which is provided below as an attached Statement of Account chart.

2012-09-25 Theasurers Report Scan

Training Sessions for Members

Diana Vigilante was provided quotes for an 8-hour refresher HHW training for the ANJHHWC.  She stated that we need to figure out who to have and where to have it, but it is likely to be somewhere in Central NJ.  We want to do it sometime in early winter before we begin our 2013 HHW events.  A motion was made to approve the J Gibbons quote in the amount of $1,300.  This motion was seconded and approved by all.  We anticipate the fee for members will be $100/person.  We will try to get registration forms this fall for the winter sessions.

E-Waste Update

ANJHHWC’s E-waste campaign is was commenced thanks to Covanta  JoAnn gave update on our ad campaign and lack of action by NJDEP, in contravention of the law requiring NJDEP to do provide an education effort to support the E-waste law.  So far NJDEP has not complied with this requirement.

When NJDEP discovered the tool kit went out to retailers, NJDEP contacted ANJHHWC and asked how the NJDEP can help.  JoAnn got an E-mail back from Vicky K. of NJDEP asking follow-up questions regarding the ANJHHWC campaign but to date, nothing else materialized.

JoAnn mentioned the ANJHHWC had a virtual subcommittee meeting a few weeks ago and that we decided we need about $10,000 for a promotional campaign if we use the battery campaign as a template.  ANJHHWC received pricing on ads, of which $5,800 would be for transit ads, covering 19 of the 21 counties with spending the rest on web ads.  JoAnn thinks this is another opportunity for manufacturers to step up and help out in the ads.  Newtech offered some support and JoAnn explained how we will try to spread the wealth and provide the promotional coverage as is appropriate for the vendors.

Regarding the tool kit mailing, JoAnn gave a summary of what happened to distribute this over the past months.  Reenee reported that a radio station up by her got the packet and transmitted the PSA over the air on several occasions.

JoAnn brought up the concept of NJ and NY teaming up on a grant application for an EPA grant on a regional basis that gets NY off the ground and gets funding for NJ.  Ken Armelino from Covanta serves on the NY Recycling Board and he brought it up with them and the “team-up” concept works, so we decided to get a committee together to work on this grant.  There is potential for $216,000 from the EPA.  JoAnn is looking for a little help on this.

JoAnn asked Guy about NJDEP action regarding our E-Waste Campaign.  Guy stated New Jersey’s procurement procedures for the NJDEP required them issue an RFP if the cost of something will be over $17,500.  He suggested that if the ANJHHWC modifies the grant proposal to be under the $17,500 and submit and scope of work to NJDEP, they maybe permitted to award us this grant as a service.  This would be after they verify the ANJHHWC’s proposal is the cheapest of at least 3 proposers.  JoAnn stated she will be sending a letter to NJDEP letting them know our intention to apply for the previously mentioned EPA grant in cooperation with NJDEP.

Producer Responsibility Issues:

JoAnn mentioned several of us participated in a paint recycling discussion at a recent Recycling Coordinators meeting and this issue is come to the front since Oregon recently implemented such a program.  JoAnn stated that even though Union County doesn’t spend money on paint management directly, they do spend time discussing proper paint management with residents that call in for information.  JoAnn liked what Oregon is doing in that drop-off sites are retail establishments.   ANJR sent out a survey last week following this meeting asking questions on each county about their paint amounts and costs.  For those that pay by car the cost and the quantity of paint management is estimated to be around 65% of the costs of HHW management.

Guy mentioned the industry is likely to sponsor legislation themselves in NJ.

Guy stated the Governor conditionally vetoed amendments to Electronic Recycling Act which had proposed to bring enforcement of E-waste regulations in line with enforcement currently performed under solid waste management act.

Procurement of Services

Reene of Sussex County brought up procurement issues she had in a recent bid that enabled her agency to not select an unqualified bidder.  She shared the language from her recent bid that enabled her to disqualify a low bidder that was determined to be unreliable.    He bid requires submission of DOT records from bidders so she could check on them and their records with respect to DOT issues.  Sussex Co. now also requires a certification of compliance or non-compliance from bidders as a means to evaluate each bidder.  Each bidder had some type of infractions, but the firm they rejected didn’t include this required certification and which provided the ability to dismiss the low bid.

Insurance and bonding are other elements that can be used to keep the bidders as reliable vendors.

Propane and Other Types Tanks

Ron Berenato of AtlanticCounty potentially found a market for a variety of cylinders from Ohio like propane, Freon, O2, etc. The problem is he is in Ohio and needs a critical mass to come here to NJ.   Ron and Fred Stanger agreed to form a subcommittee to explore this concept.  Insulation in the form of 2-part tanks are a new item showing up now as HHW.  They are a severe problem now.

County Program Updates:

  • Middlesex – No Major updates, status quo.
  •  Somerset – Cutting back in programs due to economy.  Sheriffs are taking drugs at their programs.  They recently executed a new E-waste contract with Newtech and now people can drop-off E-waste weekdays.
  •  Hudson – Small drop in participation due to no longer advertise accepting latex paint at programs, but they do still accept latex if delivered, short of that, HudsonCounty is status quo.
  •  Passaic – 3 days/year, status quo.
  •  Morris – Participation is up slightly from last year.  MorrisCounty has noticed more and more tanks for insulation coming into the programs.  Isocyanate is the foam insulation product we are all discussing.
  •  Ocean – They had 5 events in spring and 5 events in fall.  Participation is down since they have year-round paint program but the paint costs for the County are through the roof.  Ernie Kuhlwein asked members at the meeting about what they do with ammunition and firework waste.
  •  Mercer – Status quo, 3 scheduled events and 2 E-waste events.
  •  Camden – 6 one-day events and  3 E-waste events.  Car counts seem about stable, with volume going up a bit.  They current collect and spend a lot on latex paint, they are contemplating dropping the acceptance of it in next year.  They are looking to consider a permanent E-Waste drop-off site.
  •  Sussex – Their program is status quo with 2 events/year.  They have never taken latex paint at their programs.
  •  Gloucester – They dropped from 8 days to 4 days last year but numbers slowed down a bit and 4 days seems to be the appropriate level to meet the demand.  They haven’t taken latex paint since 2008 and it saved them quite a bit of money.  They did this because they want to use their hazmat money for hazardous materials and not the non-hazardous material such a latex paint.
  •  Salem – They increased events from 2 to 4 events though the overall volume hasn’t increased.  They expanded to 2 satellite events.  They do not accept latex.  One strange item that came into her program this year was expired home canned food, 7 cases of it from a person.   Salem provides E-waste recycling twice-a-week at their convenience center and participation keeps increasing.
  •  Atlantic – Status quo.

Vendor Updates:

  • Radiac – Nothing new and exciting but they are up a little in performing events in the Northeast.  They currently have 4-5 counties programs in New Jersey.  They see volumes of waste batteries declining now that alkalines aren’t coming into HHW programs.   Other batteries are a pain to deal with.  They now accepts smoke detectors for a cost of $25/detector as a special program if anyone is interested.
  •  MXI – They have been dabbling with Connecticut’s paint program
  •  Newtech – Renewed license with NJDEP recently – Manufacturers are pushing back on taking materials.  Battery management is an important issue in its certification process.

NJDEP Update

  • Ed Neiliwocki provided an updated on the release of grants to counties for the money collected as part of the Recycling Enhancement Act. He stated his office just received an email with preliminary numbers for REA program – Grant numbers are preliminary because the $5.5 million is a NJ Treasury estimate.    As soon as numbers are confirmed, they will send out spending guidelines.  Guy states the number will not go down.  Treasury stated there was $18 million in fund so the $5.5 million is and will be there.  This $5.5 million is in comparison to $5.5 million they distributed last year.

Next Meeting

Holiday Meeting – Chris was contacted by McLoones again like last year.  Chris will evaluate prices and will try to select one of their sites down the shore.  We are targeting Dec. 5, 2012.

Adjournment – The meeting was adjourned at 11:55am.


Executive meeting:  At 12:15 the executive board conducted a meeting discussed how to exchange documents and emails without having to get together. .  The executive meeting was adjourned at 12:30

2008-09-15 – ANJHHWC Meeting Minutes

Location: Ocean County Recycling Education Center, Lakewood, NJ

Call to Order – The meeting was opened by President Alain Fortier at 10:10 a.m. at OCEAN COUNTY RECYCLING EDUCATION CENTER, LAKEWOOD, NJ. Self-introductions followed.

President Alain Fortier:

  1. Thanked John Haas & Ocean County for hosting our meeting.
  2. ANJHHWC members discussed the Lean Thinking presentation made at the July meeting.  Members felt the presentation had a definite industrial orientation.
  3. Vice President Gemenden will find several Lean Thinking aids: CDs, DVDs or books. 
  4. Secretary Vigilante will check with Beth Berglund about posting the Merck Report on the ANJHHWC website.

Electronic Waste Management Act Update was given by Carole Tolmachewich, seems NJDEP did not see the comments that several counties made as necessary.  Carole Tolmachewich and Larry Gindoff agreed to jointly write a letter voicing ANJHHWC concern.

Propane Market – Members requested this information again. Reenee Casapulla, Sussex County gave us the name of a company that is paying her for propane tanks:

Paraco Gas Corporate Office
800 Westchester Avenue, S604
Rye Brook, NY 10573

Phone: 914-250-3700
Fax: 914-251-9444

2008-07-14 – ANJHHWC Meeting Minutes

Location: Mercer County

Call to Order – The meeting was opened by President Alain Fortier at 10:10 a.m. at Trenton Thunder Ball Park in Trenton.  Self-introductions followed.

President Alain Fortier:

  • Thanked Dan Napoleon & MICA for hosting our meeting at the ball park.
  • Discussed ANJHHWC achieving the status of a 501, C 3 and being NJ Tax Exempt.
  • Gave a brief update on CFLs: latest news is Home Depot stores nationwide will accept CFLs for proper disposal.
  • Alain represented ANJHHWC and presented at the “Paint to Plastics” seminar sponsored by Rutgers on June 12, 2008.

Treasurer’s Report: Carole Tolmachewich reported the Account balance at the time of the meeting was $9,858.24.

Propane Update: Reenee Casapulla, Sussex County gave us the name of a company that is paying her for propane tanks:

Paraco Gas
Corporate Office
800 Westchester Avenue, S604
Rye Brook, NY 10573
Phone:914-250-3700 – 800-647-4427 – Fax: 914-251-9444

Lean Thinking: – A brief presentation on Lean Thinking was made by Ron Eleuteri, District Manager for South Jersey, NJ Manufacturing Extension Program.

Several principles of Lean Thinking were discussed including the

8 Wastes
Transportation of Materials & Equipment
Inventory Excesses
Employees Underutilized

Check out their website: http://www.njmep.org

Electronic Waste Management Act and county e-waste survey was discussed by Carole Tolmachewich. She reviewed six (6) proposed recommended changes to the bill.  See attachment.

Secretary Diana Vigilante will send copies of the newsletter to all ANJHHWC members.

Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned at Noon.

This was followed with a 12:05 baseball game.

2007-09-12 – ANJHHWC Meeting Minutes

Location: Salem County Utilities Authority

Meeting was called to order by President Alain Fortier , who welcomed everyone and thanked Melinda Williams and Salem County Utilities Authority for hosting this meeting.

Melinda Williams gave a brief overview of the facility, landfill and services they provide to Salem County residents.

Treasurer’s Report was given by Chris Sikorski; currently there is $8,512.84 in the account of that $4, 970 is from the Merck grant.

Discussion ensued regarding the items each county collects at a household hazardous waste event.  Members discussed the collection of propane tanks at HHW events; seems that some counties are having difficulties disposing of these cylinders.

Members carpooled to Poore’s Propane Power in Dover, Delaware where we had a luncheon meeting with Mike Steiner.  Mr. Steiner gave a description of the Poore’s propane business followed by a tour of the facility.

Meeting was adjourned.

Sept. 12, 2007 - ANJHHWC members pose for a picture in front of loads of pallets of used propane tanks during the meeting September 2007 meeting.