The ANJHHWC is coordinating its Fall 2010 quarterly meeting so we have posted two polls below in an attempt to find the best date for this meeting.  It is likely to be held somewhere conveniently located in the middle of the state and is likely to cover:

  • issues pertaining to the summer’s and pending fall HHW programs;
  • progress toward implementing the new producer-based electronics collection programs schedule to start at the beginning of 2011;
  • progress related to the “If It’s Rechargeable, It’s Recyclable” battery campaign, and;
  • other matters related to HHW in NJ.

Please help us by completing the 2 polls below.  Thank you

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And if you plan on attending …

[polldaddy poll=”3392187″]

Thank you for helping us out and as a bonus, the Inside Hoboken Real Estate Blog has a nice little tongue-and-cheek posting on dealing with alkaline batteries, latex paint and bulbs so check out the link below: