PaintFactSheetNew Jersey’s household hazardous waste programs spend a great deal of time, energy and money in managing waste paints. With the the paint industry successfully supporting producer responsibility initiatives in other states, they are looking to bring some of this success to New Jersey in the form of paint recycling legislation.  There is potential for industry sponsored producer responsibility paint recycling legislation to take some of the onus off of county household hazardous waste programs in their management of waste paint.  Click here to view the 1-14-13 NJ Paint Fact Sheet

Scott Cassel, Chief Executive Officer and founder of the Product Stewardship Institute, Inc. circulated a fact sheet regarding potential paint recycling legislation for New Jersey.  The fact sheet was accompanied with the following note:

Dear New Jersey Product Stewardship Colleagues:

The Product Stewardship Institute, in collaboration with the American Coatings Association and other stakeholders, has developed a fact sheet (attached) for legislators and other key stakeholders that outlines the problems associated with leftover paint (e.g., management cost, environmental impacts), benefits to New Jersey of passing the ACA-sponsored paint stewardship bill, and stakeholder roles. With passage of this legislation, New Jersey could gain financial benefits of $11 million annually on the collection and management of roughly 1.4 million gallons of leftover paint every year.

Please circulate this fact sheet to those interested in passing paint stewardship legislation this year in New Jersey.


Scott Cassel
Chief Executive Officer/Founder
Product Stewardship Institute, Inc.
29 Stanhope Street, Boston, MA 02116
617-236-4822 (ph) 617-236-4766 (fax)

Paint recycling legislation and producer responsibility with respect to paint is likely to a a subject of discussion over the coming months.  Stay tuned.