Essex County, NJ

Essex County Utilities Authority
Leroy F. Smith Jr. Public Safety Building
60 Nelson Place, 6th Floor
Newark, NJ  07102
Tel: (973) 792-9060
Fax: (973) 792-9066

ECUA typically conducts 2 Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) collection days per year in May and October, and 2 Electronic Waste (E-Waste) collection days per year in May and October.  Visit the ECUA website for specific program information and acceptable materials.

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Explosives or Highly Reactive Materials may be dangerous. If you have these types of materials, call first for safety instructions. DO NOT bring these materials without prior authorization! These dangerous items include, but are not limited to, picric acid, isopropyl ether, calcium carbide, perchloric acid and benzoyl peroxide.