Association of New Jersey Household Hazardous Waste Coordinators Meeting
March 31, 2015
Mountain View Golf Course – 11:00am

Welcome and Introductions

ANJHHWC President Daniel Napoleon called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone.  Meeting began with self-introductions.

President Napoleon stated that the By –Law Amendment had been sent to the membership and voted on electronically. All members approved the amendment.  A motion was moved by Larry Gindoff and seconded by Chuck Giacobbe to approve the electronic vote and accept the amendment. Motion was approved by all without objection.

A motion was made to approve the minutes from the December 9, 2014 meeting.  Minutes were approved by Ernie Kuhlwein and seconded by Wayne DeFeo. There were no comments on the minutes.  Motion was approved by all without objection.

Treasurer’s Report

Chris Sikorski provided the Treasurer’s report.  He reported the ANJHHWC’s account balance is currently $22,821.49… the report was accepted by the membership.  Chris stated that membership dues constituted the majority of the Association’s revenue.  Ron Berenato moved to accept the report and Fred Stanger seconded the motion.  Motion was approved by all in attendance.

E-Waste Update

Jim Entwistle reviewed Assemblyman Burzichellis’ Bill A4235.  He provided a handout which summarized the bill and compared it to the draft amendments that were previously submitted.

NJDEP Update

Guy Watson reminded everyone that manufacturers are in charge of the electronics recycling program in NJ – they have no obligation to work with each County – only to establish a free and convenient program.  He also stated that leveling the playing field between in state and out of state recyclers would be difficult as NJDEP has no enforcement powers outside of NJ.  Guy also said DEP might consider the elimination of the return share formula in favor of market share which would eliminate target weights.  Lastly, upon discussion that the numbers reported by manufacturers may not be true, Guy informed us that one Pennsylvania company has commitments for 45% of the total 2015 targets.

Paint Care Update

Ed Waters stated the bill has had its second reading in both Senate Committees.  The large box stores are still opposing the legislation for two reasons. They are generally fearful of EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) laws and that they will “spread” to other items.   They also want the paint tax to be instituted at point of sale and for the retail store to print an explanation of the tax on the receipt.  Ed Waters is working with Senator Beech’ office to allay these concerns and are hoping the full Senate will pass it by June.

Paint Care, A Year in Review

Laura Honis, Connecticut Paint Care Representative, provided an overview of Connecticut and Rhode Island Paint Care program which has been operational for almost 18 months.  She stated that after the law was passed she was responsible for outreach to the stores to find collection sites. Paint care has partnered with 106 stores, numerous transfer stations and regional HHW programs.  Paints collected go to either Clean Harbors or MXI for disposal.  Last year 8 paint only collection events were hosted by Paint Care and several others are scheduled for 2015.

President Daniel Napoleon announced several upcoming events:

  • SWANA – April 13 & 14, 2015 in AC
  • DOT Hazardous Materials Transportation Training Feb/March 2016 will be scheduled over the next few months.

Report by Nominating Committee/Elections – Fred Stanger nominated the existing slate of officers:  President Daniel Napoleon, Vice President JoAnn Gemenden, Treasurer Chris Sikorski and Secretary Diana Vigilante.

Motion to accept the existing slate of officers was made by Larry Gindoff and seconded by Wayne DeFeo. Motion was approved by all without objection.

Debris Cleanup Chart

Vice President JoAnn Gememden circulated a chart received from Robin Heston pertaining to Debris Management Cleanup.  We will send members the chart electronically and solicit their input.  Vice President Gemenden stated that ANJHHWC may want to consider printing a tri-fold flyer with ANJHHWC information and county HHW info on the other side.


The meeting was adjourned at 1:30pm on a  motion by Fred Stanger and second by Ron Berenato.