Association of New Jersey Household Hazardous Waste Coordinators Meeting
December 9, 2014
Revere Ristorante Italiano – 10:30am

Welcome and Introductions

ANJHHWC President Daniel Napoleon called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone. Meeting began with self-introductions.
A motion was made to approve the minutes from the September 24, 2014 meeting. Minutes were approved by Ron Berenato and second by Larry Gindoff. There were no comments on the minutes. Motion was approved by all without objection.

Treasurer’s Report

Chris Sikorski provided the Treasurer’s report. He reported the ANJHHWC’s account balance is currently $20,158.13… the report was accepted by the membership. Chris stated dues are coming in for next year.

By Law Changes

JoAnn Gemenden presented the proposal to amend the by-laws. Non-members were getting the same benefits as members… thus the proposal is to charge a non-member meeting fee. A motion was made by Larry Gindoff and second by Monica Gismondi to move forward with the by-law modification. Motion was approved by all without objection.

Waste in Crisis

  • Paint Care – Ed Waters and Marie Clarke spoke on the current issues with Paint Care. Ed stated there was a successful meeting with the Assembly sponsor. They are waiting on the Senate to take action. The Senate President is willing to take action and is in full support. They hope to move bill in the Senate within the next couple of months. The next step is to amend and send to the Governor’s desk. A suggestion was made to re-send another letter to Senator Smith and Assemblywoman Spencer.
  • Food Waste – Wayne DeFeo stated the bill is in limbo. The hearing did not go well and there was a lot of opposition. He stated Lesniak has proposed another bill. Wayne mentioned the internal debate is “Are there markets?”
  • E-Waste – Fred Stanger, Ron Berenato and Brian Costantino attended the e-waste meeting with Senator Smith. Fred stated the Senator is in favor of modifying the current law to mirror the Connecticut model. They need to reach out to three other legislators and meet with them individually. They are McKeon, Spencer and Gusciora. There is a 50/50 chance of this law being signed by the Governor. Class D recyclers like the Connecticut law….as Connecticut requires all (no quotas) covered electronics collected for recycling, along with the full and true cost of recycling, being covered by the manufacturers.

    Guy Watson stated there were several meetings with the Attorney General office and an e-mail blast would be going out to all towns/counties. All contracts would include certification with their plan for no charge on any covered electronic devices. He also mentioned they were upping the per capita goal for 2015 shifting more of the burden to the manufacturers (57 million pounds for 2015 compared to 55 million pounds in 2014). The return share sampling has not worked. They will work out the Scope of Work. Jeff Friedman is putting together a data base to track information on a quarterly basis.

Things for 2015

Dan Napoleon stated for the good of the organization, ANJHHWC would like to work more with other boards (SWANA, ANJR, etc.). We need to have a more active role in regards to relationships with our business partners. ANJHHWC will also explore website enhancement to be more user friendly.

Vendor Appreciation

JoAnn Gemenden and Dan Napoleon gave out certificates of appreciation to all businesses that support ANJHHWC. A group picture was taken and will be posted on the ANJHHWC website.


The meeting was adjourned at 1:40pm. It was motioned by Fred Stanger and second by Ron Berenato.