Location: Ocean County Recycling Education Center, Lakewood, NJ

Call to Order – The meeting was opened by President Alain Fortier at 10:10 a.m. at OCEAN COUNTY RECYCLING EDUCATION CENTER, LAKEWOOD, NJ. Self-introductions followed.

President Alain Fortier:

  1. Thanked John Haas & Ocean County for hosting our meeting.
  2. ANJHHWC members discussed the Lean Thinking presentation made at the July meeting.  Members felt the presentation had a definite industrial orientation.
  3. Vice President Gemenden will find several Lean Thinking aids: CDs, DVDs or books. 
  4. Secretary Vigilante will check with Beth Berglund about posting the Merck Report on the ANJHHWC website.

Electronic Waste Management Act Update was given by Carole Tolmachewich, seems NJDEP did not see the comments that several counties made as necessary.  Carole Tolmachewich and Larry Gindoff agreed to jointly write a letter voicing ANJHHWC concern.

Propane Market – Members requested this information again. Reenee Casapulla, Sussex County gave us the name of a company that is paying her for propane tanks:

Paraco Gas Corporate Office
800 Westchester Avenue, S604
Rye Brook, NY 10573

Phone: 914-250-3700
Fax: 914-251-9444