Location: Middlesex County Fire Training Academy in Sayreville, NJ
Prepared by JoAnn Gemenden

Call to Order – The meeting was opened by President Diana Vigilante at 9:45 a.m.

Elections – Fred Stanger, Chair of the nominating committee, presented his nominations for 2005. He made a motion to maintain the slate from 2004 as follows:

  • Diana Vigilante, President
  • Brian Constantino, Vice President
  • Carole Tolmachewich, Treasurer
  • JoAnn Gemenden, Secretary

John Cannata from Sussex County approved the motion, and Melinda Williams from Salem County seconded the motion.  All approved.

Treasurer’s Report – Carole Tolmachewich reported that thirteen (13) counties, one (1) business and two (2) individuals have paid dues for 2005. There is a $2400 balance in the budget.

Newsletter Subcommittee – Carole Tolmachewich reported that the Spring/Summer 2005 edition of the Household Hazardous Waste Coordinator was complete.  Copies for each county were available at the back of the room.

Carole thanked everyone who submitted articles and helped put the newsletter together.

Hazardous Waste EPA #’s – Diana Vigilante reminded everyone of her recent email regarding EPA ID#’s.  Counties are not required to pay the hazardous waste fee associated with EPA ID numbers for hazardous waste days, but the DEP would like a list of those numbers for their records.  Diana asked that everyone provide an email with the listing of EPA ID numbers associated with HHW events.

Solid Waste Policy Group – Priscilla Hayes, Solid Waste Policy Group (SWPG)/ Marv Goodman, National Council on Paint Disposition (NCPD).   The SWPG and NCPD have been looking for cost-effective ways to recycle paint.  Collection and transportation tend to be the biggest cost factors involved.  The NCPD is now looking at using cargo containers for permanent facilities.  There are different size containers available for water-based and oil-based paints.

A typical 1 cubic yard Gaylord container holds 115 one-gallon containers of paint and is limited to 1-3 uses.  A truck holds 4,000 to 6,000 gallons of paint.

Cargo containers will maximize space by using special trays that will be stacked (also prevents spillage).  Twelve rows can be stacked and then plywood will separate the columns.  This will increase storage capacity 21-47% and decrease transportation costs.

They are proposing to use this system at Paint Retailer Sites such as Home Depot.

Rutgers is working to invent a new product made from waste paint and recycled plastic.  They are currently seeking funding to move beyond the test phase.

Paint Donations:  Looking to match up fresh paint from retailers with community groups and charities that need paint.   Anyone interested in getting more information should contact Marv Goodman at marvgoodman@comcast.net or call him at 732-309-2022.

DemanufacturingDave Thompson, Panasonic

Panasonic has been working to recycle CRT’s.  After attaining 15% post-consumer CRT glass, there is a realization that CRT’s are slowly disappearing.  Panasonic has now joined a coalition with 11 leading manufacturers to develop a comprehensive financing system for recycling.  They are looking at an Advanced Recovery Fee (ARF) that would be tagged on to new TV’s and computers and the money would be given back to States and Counties to promote demanufacturing programs.  There are 280 different brands of televisions and 450 brands of computers.

The ANJHHWC agreed to approach the New Jersey legislature to adopt an ARF

State Plan Update – Carol Tolmachewich, Larry Gindoff, JoAnn Gemenden, Mark Vangieri and Diana Vigilante all agreed to serve on a committee to review the New Jersey Solid Waste State Plan Update and prepare and submit comments on behalf of the ANJHHWC.

Battery Recycling – Shane Thompson – RBRC – In addition to recycling rechargeable batteries at no charge (transportation/disposal/recycling is paid by RBRC), RBRC has expanded to cell phone recycling.  Currently estimates indicate there are 129 million wireless users which will continue to grow.  Visit www.rbrc.org OR www.call2recycle.org .

NAHMMA Update – Fred Stanger, Middlesex County

NAHMMA is looking at forming State Chapters and they are looking to Indiana and New Jersey first as we are the only two states that are incorporated (our Association is in the beginning stages of incorporation). Discussion ensued among members as to the pro’s (uniformity, gives NJ a voice) and con’s (have to meet requirements, $ to join) about joining.  All agreed that Fred Stanger should continue discussions as liaison from our Association.

NJDEP Update – Robin Heston followed up on our discussion from our December meeting regarding brokering of waste.  She reported that public agencies are exempt from A901` background check and we can accept waste from schools at our HHW events (if they are CESQG’s!!).

She also reported that the Mercury Switch bill was passed and signed.  Dismantlers will have to remove mercury switched from vehicles.

The Mercury Source Reduction Brochures are available.  She asked that each county pick up the quantity they ordered before they leave today.

Adjournment – Meeting was adjourned at 12:35 pm.