Location: Rutgers University EcoComplex Environmental Research
1200 Florence-Columbus Rd.,Bordentown, NJ
Prepared by JoAnn Gemenden,
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Guest Speaker

Mike Hastry, DEP, Division of Hazardous Waste

Mike Hastry stated that DEP inspections of county waste events/facilities were supposed to start in July of 2004.  They have been doing spot inspections and complaint follow-ups but routine inspections have not started yet.

Ann Williams from Burlington County asked if the County’s could be provided with a list of what the DEP would be looking for on these inspections.  Mike said that is not available yet, but other inspection forms are available on their website.  Go to www.state.nj.us/dep/enforcement and click on Compliance Assistance Resources.

Mike Hastry also reported that the NJDEP rescinded all fees for County facilities and events.  For those counties that paid, please let Mike Hastry know so they can issue you a check back.

The Association agreed to develop a list of EPA Generator numbers used by County’s for Household Hazardous Waste programs to provide to the NJDEP for reference purposes.

NJDEP Update

Robin Heston also spoke about the Mercury Program.  She indicated the Source Reduction Brochure would be available November 15th.  She asked each county to provide her with a number of how many brochures they would want.

Robin also reported that Triple AAA is doing a “Switch the Switch” program during the month of October for AAA members.

Sondra Flite also asked all County Coordinators to read the “Source Reduction Section” of the Draft State Plan when it is posted on the website.  Please pass on any comments or any ideas on how to accomplish source reduction goals outlined in the plan.

October 25, 2004 is the public hearing on the Mercury Switch Rule to be held at 401 E. State Street in Trenton.

County Update

  • Mark Vangieri from Bergen County reported that Bergen County received a $10,000 Dell Grant.  They had one event planned but have now expanded to three (3) events in one day.

Ron Potter – MXI Environmental Services

His company is a hazardous and solid waste transporter with a facility in Virginia and Piscataway, NJ.  Ron provided an overview of the services available from his company.