At the October 29, 1998 ANJHHWC meeting, the county HHW coordinators provided updates on the status of their programs.  Provided below, in the order presented, are descriptions of the updates provided by those who were there.  

Middlesex County – Fred Stanger

8 HHW days in 1998 with a slight turndown in participation.   Feels the expansion of the paint only programs impacted participation at HHW days.   Will probably cut back to 7 HHW days next year.
Radiac Research was the HHW vendor at a fixed cost of $23,000/HHW day. 
Paint collection at municipal recycling depots are conducted throughout the county year-round.  Paint is deposited in sea-land boxes and collected by vendor.  Pays $0.34/lbs. gross weight for paint.  Also pays municipality hosting paint collection $100/day to man the collection.
Just finished up procurement for elderly/disabled HHW curbside collection.  Those over 62 years old or disabled, according to criteria established with the help of their County Office of Aging, can get free or subsidized HHW pickup.   To date, no participants yet. Used County Meals-Through-Wheels program to promote the program.  Maybe the meatloaf is no good.

Passaic County – B. Ellie Arnould

The last of two HHW disposal day in 1998 had almost 1,000 participants.  Clean Venture was the contractor and they pay $26.00 per car with not set up fee.
CESQGs can participate and pay the contractor directly. 
Thinking of switching to 2 programs in northern and southern locations in the county instead of using the one location in Wayne which is in the central portion of the Passaic County. Surveys showed 43% of the participants came from Wayne when held in that municipality.
Stopped paying for Newspaper ads and they have not seen a decline in participation.

Somerset County – Diana Vigilante

Ran 4 HHW days in 1998 and the most recent had 800 participants.  The total for 1998 was 2,687 participants.
Clean Venture was the contractor and they paid $30.00 per vehicle.  They have a requirement of 20 employees per day and have had no problems with program completions.
16 CESQGs participated in the program for a fee.

Morris County – Laura Macpherson

MCMUA opened permanent facility on 4/25/98 and have had about 600 participants use it so far.  It’s working out very well.  AETS is the contractor and they get paid about $450/weekday or $550/Saturday to man the HHW facility and the MCMUA also pays $.36/lb. to manage all other materials.
The MCMUA accepts appointments for its permanent facility from CESQGs and out-of-county generators for a $1.25 pound fee.  Other counties are happy to have this outlet.
Conducted 4 HHW days in 1998 and had participation of   2,374 vehicles.  Remtech was the vendor and did a great job.  The contract was for $28.45/vehicle. 
The MCMUA sees significant amounts of reuse products off of the reuse table being taken home by happy residents on their way out of the HHW day.
Universal waste program for bulbs, ballasts, batteries, mercury items works successfully out of its Consolidation Center in Dover.

Mercer County – Dot MacArthur

Had 2 HHW days this year with the last one having 900 participants.
Radiac was the contractor.

Monmouth County – Alain Fortier

The operate the HHW permanent facility with four people and he is having trouble looking for people to work there and is currently looking for someone.   The facility’s Tues. through Saturday appointment book is usually filled.
Managed 4,000 participants in 1998 averaging 28 cars/day and averaging about 100 pounds per participant.
Wade is currently the contractor that manages the materials.   Is going to be seeking disposal services directly with facilities in future procurements.
Ran 2 HHW days in 1998 and the last one had 300 participants.
Has a really cool use of delivered propane tanks to heat one of his buildings and Suburban Propane was happy to help them install it.

Burlington County – Allen Winn

Managed 500,000 lbs. of HHW so far in 1998 from 4,000 participants.
Half of the HHW came to the facility by way of a DPW collection, consolidation and delivery program to the facility.  This makes the facility more efficient and works very well.  “Too good to be true.”   The HHW comes in boxes of oil based paints, latex based paints and boxes of “other” HHW.  The permanent facility workers unpack and repackage these materials.

Sussex County – John Canata

2 HHW days in 1998 with one coming up on 11/7/98.
They do between 300 and 500 cars per day.
Remtech is their contractor and they bid a net weight per pound and pay $.549/lb.  They weight the truck on the landfill scales on the way in and then on the way out to calculate net weight.
Waste flow control issues may impact ability to provide programs in the future.

Gloucester County – Ken Atkinson

Ran 5 HHW days in 1998 but 3 of the 5 were recycling HHW materials only, i.e. paint, oil, antifreeze, etc. 
In the 2nd year of a three year contract.
1998 participation in all 5 programs was 2,433 and the last HHW day had 900 participants.
Cost of HHW programs was $75,000 for the year and they are considering scaling up to 10 programs per year in the year 2000.
On two recent occasions DPW solid waste collection workers were overcome by fumes.  Luckily, no one was seriously hurt but  it provided so good promotion of the county upcoming HHW days.

Ocean County – John Haas

Ran 22 HHW days in 1998 and Winward Industries was the contractor for the second year in a row.
Pays 0.34/lb. for mixed HHW and $0.279/lb. for paint.   The expansion of the paint programs have cut into the  participation of HHW programs.
John Haas goes to every HHW days and is virtually the only one from the county government that has ever attended one.

Bergen County – Rick Baroch

Conducted 3 HHW days this year with a total of 6,700 participants.
Radiac Research was the contractor and cost was $23.76/car.   Radiac brings in about 60 workers and process 15 participants simultaneously averaging 400 cars per hour!
The expansion of propane tank deliveries has become a real problem. 

NJDEP – Ralph Davis

Stated the Universal Waste regulations are being finalized so if anyone has suggestions on items that should be included in them they should mention them now.  An example of mercury in natural gas regulators was given as an item that deserves to be added to the list.